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How did you become interested in veterinary medicine?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Veterinary Assistant interview

Start by identifying your career goals and think backwards. You can even start with thinking about how the idea of working in a vet's office came to be. Think back to when you were a child and wanted to hug every furry friend that came within a mile radius of you. You started to notice the differences between different breeds and how some didn't just look different, but they acted differently as well. Did you check out books at the library to learn more about them? Maybe you spent a lot of time with the family dog and taught it how to do tricks. These are some simple examples of the little things you were exposed to growing up can factor into our decisions as we get older. If this is a career change for you, what made you decide to make the shift? Here's an example of how you can respond:

"I always loved learning about animals as a child. I studied books about dog training and worked with my dog since he was a pup. When I learned about this profession, I was excited because it's a way to incorporate my passion into a career. While I understand that there's a lot of dirty work involved, I'm excited to further my education through this experience."
Basic answer example
"I always loved learning about animals as a child. I studied books about dog training and worked with my dog since he was a pup. When I learned about this profession, I was excited because it's a way to incorporate my passion into a career. While I understand that there's a lot of dirty work involved, I'm excited to further my education through this experience."

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How did you become interested in veterinary medicine?
Continuing to learn more about the profession with the possibility of advancing through school and hands on experience.
I am looking forward to entering the veterinary field again, and expanding my knowledge and experience from what I have learned thus far. I am especially looking forward to more experience in assisting surgery, as well as refining my skills in blood draws.
I am looking to learn alot more about all the different types of animals in the surgery.
I'm looking for an excellent learning opportunity to broaden my knowledge of Veterinary Medicine and that involves learning methods of suturing ( if that is allowed), mastering the art of taking blood, observing the different anatomical structures of animals so that I can be better familiar and knowing what methods are used in treating each specie. I also want to have more hands on experience in animal restraint and preparation for surgery.
To learn more from not only the vet but the techs as well so I can be prepared for tech school in the future if I decide thats what I want.
I am looking for the challenge to be able to grow. I know that I will be starting from the bottom and I look forward to climbing that ladder.
I am looking for a chance to grow into a management/leadership type position. I am leaving a job where I had several employees under me all of whom I had trained. I know that I will have to start over again and I am looking forward to the challenge of trying to climb that ladder again.
Not taking home the puppies.
To be forced to learn new things.
I look forward to the mental challenges of this position, that will help me further my experience and education of this field.
I am hoping to become better at the skills that are necessary to be a vet tech. I would like to perfect my blood taking ability and restraint, along with gain a better understanding of why I am performing these tasks as opposed to just doing them without reason. I hope to learn more about medical conditions and the methods taken to fix the situation most efficiently. I want to be able to understand the need for procedures not just how to do them.
I'm hoping to get more hands on experience. I want the challenge of being called upon in an emergency and proving myself too.
I am excited to be working more closely with the animals again. I enjoy recpetion but miss the hands on work with the animals.
I know that I can get chaotic at vet offices with multiple animals in the office at once. It will be loud and sad sometimes when nothing can be done for a pet but it is all worth it helping animals.
I am lookig to gain more knowlegde about exotic and small animal.
To learn a lot and get a lot of experience.
Handling new tasks and gaining valuable experience from them.
Learning more about the veterinary field to determine whether I want to pursue further education in veterinary medicine.
Learning what it takes to become a vet.
The challenges I would look for in this position would be learning a new job and do it well in hopes that this would become my career. Challenging my self to take in every detail, in my job and if able to in others as well so I can be utilized anywhere I am needed.
Continuing to learn more and progress through hands on experience, I have the schooling, I would like to put it to good use.
To continue to learn more in this profession, and really just the general challenges of being a young person getting started in life and accepting the responsibility of a working person.
I am looking to be challenged to see how much detail I can retain and notice from both our patients and their owners. I want to be able to assess an animal's health and behavior the best possible way, and the only way I will continue to better that skill is to be in different situations. I know this job will be challenging my professionalism as well as my emotions.
Learning different veterinary techniques and being exposed to new situations and learning things everyday.
There is always something new in a veterinary clinic. And that is what excites me the most, you never know what will walk into that door. Also, I look to learn more technical skills, maybe drawing blood and more hands on approach.
I would like to see how I cope with sick animals and their distressed owners. To be put under pressure and how I would cope with it.
Increase animal handling skills and medical procedure techniques.
I think my biggest challenge is the different types of animals I would interacting with.
I am looking forward to a dog coming in and not knowing what to expect. I like that I will be challenged every day with new experiences.
I like that every day will be different from the last and you never know what challenges lay ahead. I want to challenge my self to learn new things and that I will have difficult choices to make and I am excited to learn how good I react to them.
I would have to say continuing to learn about the career with the possibility of advancing through school and hands on experience.
I love a fast paced environment with where I can learn new things.
I imagine there are a variety of medical abbreviations. I look forward to being familiar with them and understanding them.
I want to challenge myself to learn much more about the medicines and care for sick animals. I loved caring the ill at my current job, but the more serious issues were always brought to the vet, and I really would like to be a part of that.
A sense of achievement, initially learning to do the job and then getting it right.
To multi task in the clinical setting, be of competent and useful service for the doctor.
I understand that challenges are part and parcel of the job requirement that I am aiming for. I am actually looking for jobs that would challenge me on a professional basis, so that I can enhance my skills/abilities in order to add more value to the product or service that the company is offering to its clients.
I look forward to all the learning opportunities I will have being a veterinary assistant. I would like to learn more about taking x-rays and developing films.
I am looking to learn and gain experience that I havent had the chance to do. I have never worked in this type of position so I am very excited to gain knowledge from all the staff and find out what this job entails.
I am looking to expand my knowledge base of animal health and care and am looking forward to any and all challenges this will bring about.
Every job comes with challenges. But I would really like to enhance my skills and abilities in the vet field.
I hope there are few challenges in this position, but as each day will offer new and exciting possibilities one never knows what will come up.
Everything there is to learn, this position is a new ball park for me. Getting this position would mean I have already over come one of the many challenges and opportunities it holds.
I look forward to working in a fast-paced environment with multiple tasks to complete. I will never be bored in such a position and look forward to overcoming any challenges along the way.
Communicating with others, because my english is not good than before since I went to taiwan for a year, so I think my english need to improve Also, I studied Commerce in secondary school and Communication in University, I dont have much knowledge about animal, so this field I need to work hard on it.
I understand that challenges are part and parcel of the job requirement that I am aiming for. I am actually looking for jobs that would challenge me on a professional basis, so that I can enhance my skills/abilities in order to add more value to the product or service that the company is offering to its clients.
I am currently in school to become a Vet Technician so I am looking forward to the challenge of testing what I know and what more I can learn.
Being able to bring the nursing team together, improve morale. Improve client services and patient care.
To be more knowledgable about animal care and the profession, to gain experience in a field I thoroughly enjoy.
Looking for professional growth and advancement, increased use of my creativity and becoming part of a great team of similarly motivated individuals.
Every challenge, I want to learn and I am here to learn, I want to be able to educate the people around me and who come into the practice on the wellness of their pets and how to care for them better.
I am constantly looking for ways to grow professionally and constantly add more skills. I am looking to grow as a communicator, handle animals in pain, learn new techniques of healing, and continue practicing my multitasking skills.
I am looking forward to learning how to deal with different kinds of animals and train their behavior.
I am hoping to extend my knowledge in animal medicine, and hope to be challenged everyday by learning something new and exciting.
Something that keeps me on my toes and look forward to everyday.
The challenges I am looking for in this position is to learn more within the field. So I had better myself within the workplace.
I have had hands-on experience, but I am always eager for more. I hope to learn as much as possible while ensuring that clients and their pets have the best experience here that they can.
I am looking for new challenges that push me to do better.
I would love to become more confident in my skills, and learn everything there is to know about veterinary care!
I wish to have my knowledge tested and expanded all the time. I am always interested in learning new things.
I would like to improve my technical skills as well as educate myself more on products as well as learn new techniques.
The challenge of saving animals lives during emergencies. Challenge of handling big dogs which I dont have much experience with as of yet.
I would find it enjoyable to assist the vet techs and other staff with unique equipment that I have never had the exposure to use/assist with previously. I would find it interesting to help animals during rehabilitation as well.
I want to gain a better understanding of animals and the illnesses that harm them.
As many challenges as possible! this is my passion and I want to surround myself with every obstacle in order to ensure that I gain experience and understanding with any task presented.
I look forwards to different types of challenges, working under pressure and working with different types of animals. I also look forward to furthering my knowledge.
The challenges I am looking for is learning new things that I have not experienced before and growing my knowledge in the field.
- working alongside you as a practice, and growing with you - any challenges thrown at me I hope to progress with you as a practice and take on any futher training etc or anything that is required of me - improving and learning new and old skills.
To expand my knowledge of animals.
Learning new skills. And solve difficult problems.
Everything is going to be a challenge for me. And im excited about that. I am learning a whole new field, and I know im going to absolutely love it.
Hoping to help with assisting in the sergerys, helping people that come in with accentent animals. Etc.
Pushing my limits and learning new medicine.
I am looking forward to becoming familiar with all types of animals and being comfortable around them.
In this position I hope to challenge myself to surpass all expectations I have for myself and further my career in veterinary assisting.
Learn new ways of assisting animals.
I am looking to grow, learn more, and just be the best that I can be at the job. I would love to be a leader and eventually have other people come to me for advise or help.
Learning new procedures and having more responsibility.
I would like to learn as many things as I possibly can.
Dealing with more difficult patients. And getting through the tasks at hand with more difficult patients. Walking uncompliant dogs.
I am looking to grow my skills and knowledge in the veterinary field such as nutrition.
I am looking for challenges that will help me grow as a veterinarians assistant. I would like to become more knowledgeable about diseases that deal with animals.
Fast pace environment, different task, and handle different case.
I am looking for lots of callenges that can get me ready for my own buisness.
I am looking for anything that I can do to learn more. I also hope it helps with my customer service skills.
I like challenges and its a part of all jobs.
I am looking to learn something new everyday, whether it's a new piece of information, or a new task or technique.
I'm looking for new challenges and new experiences. A job I can grow from.
I'm looking for new challenges and new experiences. A job I can grow from.
The challenges im looking for are to be able to be taught and learn new things daily. I want to push my boundaries and expand on my knowledge. I want to know so much and I know it will only take time to do so.
I am looking for various challenges that will improve both my animal and customer skills, as well as jobs that are mentally and physically challenging.
I am looking for fast pace and high stress situations to help improve my reaction time and posture.
Working under pressure with owners and helping other animals, nurses and vets.
I want to be able to challenge myself in anyway I can to gain more experience and knowledge to help me improve in this career.
I am looking for any challenges that can help me gain knowledge and experience to become a better individual as well as team member in a work setting.
I want to learn more and about what I don't alreAdy know.
To learn new things and be put out of my comfrt zone.
I want to be challenged as much as possible so I can be my best. I want to learn about all aspects of looking after all animals.
Looking for some sort of advancement no matter how small. a varied job is what I like best. sometimes you have to bite the bullet. it's just life. life is repetitious. you have to sometimes vary what you do to end the boredom. but with living beings there's never a dull moment. people just can be so funny as well as animals . There's good and bad . Never a dull moment I say.
Any challenges that happen.
Because this summer I might be going to the humane society for veterinarian assistant ineries with animals.

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