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Tell me about your experience.

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an Usher interview

How to Answer

Review the job posting before the interview to familiarize yourself with the duties involved in this role.

Answer this question by providing examples of past customer service experiences in a professional, volunteer, or alternatively educational (i.e., university) setting, while mentioning some of the duties involved (as per the job posting) performed in other positions, should you have such experience. This will demonstrate you already have the required experience for this role.

Tell me about your experience.
Answer example

"While in university, I worked as a (X position tile) for (X company), where I was responsible for (X relevant duties as per the job posting). I also worked as (X position title) for (X company) upon graduation from university, where I was responsible for (X relevant duties as per the job posting)."

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Tell me about your experience.
I am quite person, I love to communicate and know new people.
I'm fady I study business administration at arab academy for science and technology, I graduate from rajac school.
I am very calm person who love to learn new things enjoy people but also reading a book staying at home it's my way to relax.
I really like films and the arts and in my spare time I like to go to lectures on the subject.
I'm a 100 level student of university of Lagos. I come from a family of 8. I'm from abia state, I love working out, dancing, watching movies.
I am 19, I volunteer at a fire department. I love helping my community out. If someone needs help I am always by there side to help them.
Am a very social and welcoming young lady aged 23
Am hardworking, competitant, I like keeping time and am flexible.
I am a Actor, singer, dancer and director. I am currently studying at lsbu in the course drama and performance. I am starting a theatre company with other students from my uni. The company is called Questionable Performance of QP for short. I used to live in Maidstone with my mum. I love to read, write poetry and listen to music.

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