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Name a time when your patience was tested, and how you kept your emotions in check.

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Tell the interviewer about your stress management skills and your ability to remain calm, professional and respectful in all situations, notwithstanding the frustrating situations you may have to deal with.

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"When working as a/an (X position title) for (X company), (... X example of a situation when your patience was tested and why). I (... what you did in this situation, e.g., remaining professional, calm and focused on the work notwithstanding your frustration and how you successfully completed the task at hand). Frustrating situations are bound to occur and I do not let these affect my work or relationship with colleagues and customers."

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Name a time when your patience was tested, and how you kept your emotions in check.
One day we ran short of chairs and a lady took one from the vip section and refused to take it back, she even threw insults but I gave up on her and looked for another seat and gave it to her.
There was a time when I was told to work more extra 2 hours after a long day and I kept my emotions in check by calming and pretended as if all was fine.
The time when I was working for Tesco. I had to rely of the team leaders to get items for clients if they wanted to change something. Some times it will be very busy and there would be not team leaders around. I am unable to leave my checkout and I had customers forming a big cue. I had to stay calm and apologies for the inconvenience. I kept talking to the customer and involved the others to keep them busy before help came.
I worked in a restaurant with a bad condition which could harm someone and although there were lives in danger I stayed calm and sort the situation.
A customer asked me to stop what I was doing to lead him to the gents of which I was trying to explain that it is the job of a male usher. He just didn't listen and kept insisting, I was angry but I had to stay patience and let our boss handle the situation.
When my dad passed away l feel depressed.
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