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University Administrator Interview Questions and Answers
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We are interested to know what motivated you to apply for this role? Why do you want to work for our University?
User Submitted Interview Answers
I have worked directly with students at Kings College London and at The University of Sheffield, and am experienced in finding solutions to students' problems. I myself have lived in university accommodation, both in the UK and abroad, so I understand how important it is that students feel at home and supported in their halls. I'd be proud to be part of the team providing this support.
I have worked in the university medical and student admissions administration. I am very enthusiastic in the medical work and assisting the student in the administrative way to achieve their future goals and also their welfare when the come to the university.
It is a respectable institution that has won most improved university of the year. It is an environment that encourages learning and building new skills. It invests in new resources and initiatives such as the the online dibs system that was introduced by miss lad.
I like to move to an institute like this where priorities given to good teaching practice.
I believe that my skill set would compliment the role on offer. The university employees a diverse group of professionals who are encouraged to LIVE the values and are encouraged by continuous learning and training. The flexibility and cohesiveness of teams is also appealing to me.
I am in a similar role at present and have been in the same university for over 20 years. I believe I have made a positive impact of supporting the department that I work in but I am interested in how other universities operate and support research so I would like to broaden my experience.
Research leader in the world. Impressed with system of 24 campuses. Research continues to grow in spite of funding problems nationally.
My experiences at C: 1) flexible course schedule helped me finish my BA while still working full-time. Accessible, cutting edge research, the underdog.
I know their university has a museums, 6000 postgraduate, 12000 undergraduate, and there is betwen river cam.
It a well known place with a very qualified staff.
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