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Give an example of a time when you have been faced with a challenging situation. How did you overcome this, and what did you learn from it?
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Lack of information in students and sometimes finding that they have already have a falsified information that they have from their fellow student.
I think one of the biggest challenges was working on two consecutive degree revalidations. the first one in particular was very tough becasue I was new to higher edication. Nothing had been done and I had to start the entire process within 6 months. Having to design the curriculum, policies, write everything up, analyse the programmes performance was real learning curve. Which was utterly successful.
We struggled to provide enough space for our students. The University had long term strategies to resolve this, but in the short term we had to do what we could to try to encourage customers to use the space efficiently (eg not leaving in demand desks occupied whilst they went for lunch) We launched an initiative to try to change attitudes and held meetings with students to get input from them. Getting students on board with the project was a real help, and made a noticeable impact. Fewer desks were left unattended, and students began to police the policy themselves.
To get the colleagues to agree to a seminar date and the problems that I faced was most of the speakers were going on summer holidays when we informed them about the conference.
In my last position the challenges were getting all the clients names right and had patience to listen to them on the phone even if some of them were angry.
Effective communication is a problem. I have tried to help in this matter by contacting via email and phone team members for up to date information and clarity on issues.
Laboratories facility is the most challenging to me.
Integration of staff into one department. Working with staff to get them to buy into new department and getting them involved in looking at best practice from previous systems.
The biggest challenge was making sure we offered relevant and accessible services and support for families and engaging with the hardest to reach but we worked as a team to identify and engage those families and support them to engage with us. Our reach and engagement increased by 47% over the three years I was CCL.
Recruitment, inappropriate internet use, plagiarism, negative thinking.
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