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Do you have strong computer skills? Which programs are you most experienced in?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an Underwriter interview

How to Answer

As an underwriter you may be required to use several high level software and programs. In addition to standard office tools, be prepared to show your skills in job specific tools and other skills that you have (web tools, scripting, programming, etc.). Don't sound over-confident but an answer that exhibits confidence in this scenario is highly appreciated by the recruiting managers. What is important is that you have a conceptual technical knowledge that helps you in solving the problem at hand and communicate it effectively to the stakeholders.

Do you have strong computer skills? Which programs are you most experienced in?
Answer example

"I am well versed in using SQL and SAP and have the basic knowledge of Netsuit and Microsoft Dynamics along with Excel. I am capable of analysing several complicated cases using these and also of communicating the results to the clients."

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Do you have strong computer skills? Which programs are you most experienced in?
Proficient in all microsoft office products and can effectively learn and use new programs within the insurance industry.
I am very proficient with Microsoft Office and am adept at using a computer. I often am the person people come to with computer questions.
Microsoft word, excel and lending platforms.
I enjoy working on powerpoint and working on presentations. however, am good with word, outlook and excel.
My computer skills are commentable, with experience in SICS Nt, Business Objects and Microsoft Office skills.
Microsoft office mortgage software outlook wordperfect.
I am proficient in ms office, word, excel, powerpoint and also I hv 1 year exprience of using accounts payble softwere.
I have worked in detail in Microsoft Word, and Excel. My previous internship I worked a lot in Outlook and feel very comfortable learning new skills on the computer and feel it comes fairly easy to me.

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