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Answering Ultrasound Technician Questions

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What types of exams do you consider yourself proficient in?

While your interviewer may be able to decipher a lot of your resume or application based on your work history, here is your chance to talk about the types of exams that you can do or are trained in. It will be important to research the job that you are interviewing for to know what types of exams will be required. If you don't have the direct experience required for the position, explain that you are open to being trained to learn a new skill.


Answer Example

"At this point in my career, I am very proficient in Obstetrics exams as I have spent most of my career working here. I am very apt at obtaining great images as well as monitoring the overall condition of fetuses and the mothers that I am examining. On top of obstetrics, I have experience in general abdominal exams to help look for issues like kidney and gall stones."

Entry Level

"During my internship, I was able to gain first hand experience in echocardiography and vascular exams while working with a cardiology practice. I feel fortunate to have gained experience in this advanced field. Looking ahead to this position, I feel confident in my ability to be trained and be effective in a wide range of sonography exams."


"I feel very fortunate to have experienced a very wide range of exams as an ultrasound technician at this point in my career. In my current position, my main focuses are on breast and obstetrics being in a women's health clinic. Prior to this job, I had years of experience working on both neuro and musculoskeletal exams with my prior employer. While it has been ten years since conducting those exams, I am confident that I will be able to pick up smoothly with some training."

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