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Answering Ultrasound Technician Questions

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What procedures do you follow to maintain equipment?

When an interviewer asks you to explain procedures, you want to be accurate and concise. Every little detail can make a difference when operating ultrasound machines. Refresh yourself on what you need to do with each of the following aspects of the machine in order to walk the interviewer through your maintenance process: transducer, CPU, control panel, monitor, disk storage, and printer.


Answer Example

"Having worked with many machines from different manufacturers, I have a really good basic understanding of the equipment and how it operates properly. I know basic maintenance procedures like cleaning and dialing in the settings. If a machine is having a mechanical issue, I start with my local equipment team to resolve the issue."

Entry Level

"During my work experience, I got some hands on experience in preventative maintenance on units like system backups and the cleaning of filters. I am comfortable working on the machines and would contact the proper people if any issues were outside of my knowledge."


"I work closely with the medical equipment team in my current position. They let me know when equipment needs to be down for maintenance and I rearrange the patient schedule if needed."

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