Ultrasound Technician Interview Questions

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How do you keep accurate patient records?

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Ultrasound Technician Interview Questions

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    How do you keep accurate patient records?

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      Precision and focus will help you to pay attention to details and record them accurately. When talking with patients and doctors, you will need to be consistent in taking notes and managing records. Speak from experience, whether it be working in an administrative role or handling records in as an ultrasound tech at your previous facility. It's important to be able to articulate your experience. Recognize that when you are entering a new field, it's all about transferable skills. Even if you have not managed patient records before, you have related experience. Any record keeping or money management experience is worth sharing.

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      Heather's Answer

      "Having worked in a large health system for a few years, patient documentation is extremely important to ensure that accurate patient notes are seen by all of a patient's care providers. I make time after each and every patient for documentation right away. If for some reason patients are back to back, I jot hand notes and make sure to enter notes as soon as I can. I am comfortable working within an EMR and have the ability to learn a new system with ease."

      Ryan's Answer

      "Accurate patient notes are crucial to making sure that a patient receives the best possible care in the future from all of their medical providers. During my work experience in school, my preceptor trained me on the EPIC EMR system and how effective notes are entered from the sonographer's point of view. She stressed the importance of notes being entered both timely and accurately."

      Ryan's Answer

      "In my time working as an Ultrasound Tech, how patient records have been maintained has changed greatly. I've charted on paper to paper files and been trained on a few different electronic systems like Cerner and EPIC. In the end, accurate notes come down to entering them in a timely fashion as soon as possible after seeing the patient. With the number of patients that I see per day, I can't possibly handle all of the notes at once at the end of the day."