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Have you ever had an issue with a supervisor? How did you handle it?

This question gives you an opportunity to share an example of how you dealt with a difficult situation between you and your supervisor. Maybe the issue was in their management style or their lack of leadership. Whatever the cause, remember this helpful hint: the only thing you can control is YOU. No matter the circumstances at work, you can control your reaction. Taking this fact to heart will help you throughout your career.


Answer Example

"During my internship, I had a supervisor who was extremely uptight and not much of a people-person. It was difficult to understand what he wanted from me at times because he would get frustrated with my work after he instructed me to do something. I approached him calmed one day and asked him if we could chat. I let him know I was doing my best but I felt like there was a disconnect, as I was not performing to his standards. I asked him if I was misunderstanding his requests and what I could do to improve. He appreciated my approach and we were able to resolve the issue by simply learning how to communicate better."

Entry Level

"I worked part time as a waitress while pursuing my degree. While I had a great personal relationship with my supervisor, there were times where important corporate sales incentives weren't communicate to us in a timely manner and customers would actually end up informing me of them. I approached him each time and would ask him if we had a particular special running that I wasn't aware about. After about the third time of doing this, he apologized greatly and assured me that all corporate specials would be posted to a a board by our wait station. This immensely helped all of our wait staff moving forward."


"You'll find very quickly that I am a very easy going employee that is open to constructive feedback at any time. The only issue I've ever had with a supervisor in my career was with a supervisor that was reluctant to give any feedback. As we were training on and working on a new EMR system, I approached that supervisor to ask for regular weekly meetings following the new system implementation so I could receive feedback on my use of the new system. My supervisor agreed and understood my point of view of wanting to be using it as best as I could."

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