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Answering Ultrasound Technician Questions

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Do you feel comfortable helping a patient move into position?

As an Ultrasound Technician your job is hands on. You will need to be willing to touch, adjust, and hold onto extremities of your patients. Let the interviewer know that you move patients safely and appropriately with the assistance of another staff member if needed.


Answer Example

"I'm comfortable helping patients get situated, even if that means I have to physically move them myself. It's all a part of the job."

Entry Level

"I fully understand that obtaining the best images possible require the patient to in the proper position. I am very comfortable in assisting immobile patients to get into the right place for my imaging."


"I do feel comfortable helping a patient move into a position. I keep myself in physical shape and transitioning patients is not an issue. If I'm ever in a situation where I need assistance I'm quick to ask so I don't keep the patient waiting."

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