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Answering Ultrasound Technician Questions

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Do you enjoy socializing with patients?

Some people's favorite aspect of the job is the technical side. They love learning about how to use and maintain equipment to help people. Others enjoy talking with patients and getting to know them. The social and technological aspects of the job make this an excellent fit for someone who is both analytical and a people-person. Talk about what you enjoy about chatting with patients. While you're performing the sonogram, you can calm patients who are nervous, ask happy expecting mothers how their pregnancy is going, and make the experience an overall pleasant experience for everyone.


Answer Example

"I enjoy being able to exchange small talk with patients. It seems to keep their minds off the procedure as well as relax knowing that there is someone there to have a nice conversation with."

Entry Level

"The main reason that I chose to pursue this career path was to help patients in a time of need. I enjoy the personal one on one contact with patients and talking with them is part of our interaction. I try to learn a little about them to help make them comfortable in our situation together. This helps put them at ease."


"I do enjoy socializing with patients. There is always a place and a time and I always keep it professional. I try to make small talk when appropriate and I also try to educate the patient on the procedure that I am performing. Most of the time, patients are in awe of the technology involved and that keeps them focused while I perform t"he exam."

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