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How do you stay organized?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Typist interview

How to Answer

Tell the interviewer about your organizational skills in a work environment by providing an example of your capabilities. Provide an example in a professional or volunteer capacity, or alternatively in a university setting.

How do you stay organized?
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"I believe excellent organizational skills are essential to successfully perform in any position. For example, if I have to perform numerous duties in a short period of time, I need to know how to prioritize and meet the respective deadlines. I will use lists to keep track of upcoming duties and a calendar to keep track of deadlines."

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How do you stay organized?
I often stay organized by keeping a mental note in my head of were things are.
I like to male lists of priorities (most important at the top) and work through the list. This is so everything that needs to get done, gets done. This is to prevent anything being forgotten about.
Working properly and attaining the target.
I keep a note of any important events in a calendar. I organise my files and keep things tidy so I know where to find them.
I have a desk at my house that I keep stuff organized on and in certain piles.
I make notes, set reminders on my smartphone and I always write it on my whiteboard calendar. To-do lists are also a big help for me, and I think that's what helps me stay organized the most.
As soon as I come I will first see which one to type first... My secreat is to give more time to the more difficult letter and more urgent ones then concentrate on the easy tasks.
By preparing myself, writing lists or doing tasks lists on Outlook and keeping my work load flowing at a steady pace.
I keep on top of my work load and organise my work in to the most urgent first.
Receive the work in the morning and put them in order of importance, i. E. Court dates etc.
By making list and keeping a calendar of tasks to be completed.
I use a planner, as well as my calendar with reminders. I also use notes for other reminders throughout the day.
I stay tidy, as it helps me think clearly. I also make lists or to do task notes so I don't lose track of my work load.
I always like to complete my work within time so I can easily stay organized .
Everything goes on my calendar, in my diary and occasionally a reminder on my phone. I also like to use to do lists - daily and weekly.

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