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What interests you about finance?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Treasurer interview

What excites you about working in the financial industry? Do you enjoy problem solving and using research and insight to influence financial decisions? Share some of the aspects of the industry that you particularly enjoy. Explain how it allows you to demonstrate your skills and strengths.

"I've always loved math and statistics. It just always made sense to me. I enjoy problem solving and helping companies grow to their potential."
Basic answer example
"I've always loved math and statistics. It just always made sense to me. I enjoy problem solving and helping companies grow to their potential."

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What interests you about finance?
Have training in finance.
I really enjoy working in finances whether in my personal life or for my job. At the credit union I work all day helping people achieve financial success. I feel that I have excellent knowledge in advising people in good financial choices.
I enjoy working with fiqures, controlling and balancing.
Because finance requires a lot of efforts, challenge and intelligence if you work in the industry and in return it pays you deservedly.
I really like to challenge myself on making sure everything is in order.
I enjoy understanding the "big picture" and how a decision now may impact a program later.
All, my life I have been interested in money. Why does a piece of paper have so much value? I started investing on my fathers account at a very young age. It's a truly marvelous thing watching your money, make you more money. When I got to high school and took economics, I knew this was a very good field for me to be in.
I feel more comfortable when working on that aspect of a business.
I want to manage expenses neatly for an organization larger than I am, so I can contribute indirectly to the company's success and keep it from falling apart.
Well I love numbers . Even at home, I want to know what the numbers are.
As such finance term is a bigger word but I think I can manage a large amount of money at a single period.
I am interested because no one in my family has a clue about it . They are all in the medical field.
My interest in finance is to the extent of it having the power to help others, make them better by improving their lives.

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