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Tell me about your education.
Since you are working in a data, financial and administrative function, focus on the aspects of your education that will support you in this role. Starting with your college experience, explain how you became interested in doing this type of work. What topics did you enjoy most in school? How did your training prepare you for this role? You can share an example of some of the work you learned to do during training and talk about your technical skills. Share any continuing education or certifications you have received.

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User-Submitted Answers

Tell me about your education.
I was working in a finance department.
Yes. I used to be the book keeper for a group of teachers.
NO, but I was elected the Treasurer for Richfield Park BMX in 2005
No, but I was working hand in hand with someone who was.
Yes, for accounting society.
I have been a treasury manager now for most of the last 4 years having joined AML as treasury analyst in 2011. At college I was the treasurer for heal the wounds society, a charity organisation we had started to help disadvantaged children.
I was the treasurer for my 4H club when I was still in high school.
I did hold a treasurer position for the non commissioned officer club in Germany.
No, but there's always the possibility of learning!
I have never been a treasurer at the college, but I have abundance of experience for running a treasury section not department because I have been able to run the same here since the day I jointed these organisation, and I am proud to say, under my stewardship, we have never incurred drive this organisation to any liquidity stress while still optimising return on excess liquidity which was available for landing. I have been able to categories customers according to their perceived volatility. I have been able to develop operational framework, for liquidity risk, interest rate risk as well as operational manuals for forex, SIRESS and RTGS systems. I have lead successful projects when RTGS, SIRESS and Vantage Systems were being introducted in here.
I was treasurer of Astronomy Club.
I was the treasurer for my Sorority.
I was the vice president of the student council, which has a very similar role as the treasurer, where I have to estimate budgets for all projections, collect funds, organise it and generate a report of how and where the budget was spend for every single events.
I have not had the opportunity for this yet.