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Tell me about a time when you fell behind your work. How did it happen and how did you catch up?
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To certain extend, I would.
I worked the additional time needed to catch up on work that needed my attention and asked for help on work that could be re-assigned.
Had to attend a training and my back up had to leave. As soon as I was back at my desk, took stock of the situation, gave a heads up to stakeholder about possible delays, delegated and prioritized few tasks.
It happened when suddenly it felt like there was so much to do with school work and other commitments but I am the kind of person who can work well under pressure. With such pressure I organised the things I needed to do and ticked off slowly.
I fell behind my work when I returned from leave and realized my colleagues could not completely handle my schedule. I had to work extra hours in order to catch up.
Other priorities came up, worked overtime and moved priorties.
When I was in charge of new task with little guideline or any training, I often fell behind my work and a little bit embarrassed. I had to seek for some one in my network who used to work on this matter and asked him some questions that hindered me. Then I figured out the problem and the solution, and I can have the brighter way for the next time.
When I was given a project on investments, work load was way more than expected and I completed it by devoting more time to it.
I fell behind because of training and a working on a project. I pit a schedule in place and stuck to the time frame I slotted myself to ensure I could tackle the behind work as well stay on pace. Stayed late a few days.
I felt sick for three days and I was able to recover by working overtime.
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