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Tell me about a time when you fell behind your work. How did it happen and how did you catch up?
Be careful not to play the blame game. If you fell behind due to an unexpected circumstance or perhaps your boss piled on a few extra projects, that's okay. As you know, these things happen. Focus on what you did to make up time. Were you willing to work longer hours? Did you recruit extra help?
Answer examples
"I got behind on a project due when I got the flu, because I had to miss a couple days of work. I asked a coworker to handle a couple of tasks while I was sick so that when I came back to work I didn't miss any deadlines. I worked late for a few days in order to catch up."

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User-Submitted Answers

Tell me about a time when you fell behind your work. How did it happen and how did you catch up?
Other priorities came up, worked overtime and moved priorties.
When I was in charge of new task with little guideline or any training, I often fell behind my work and a little bit embarrassed. I had to seek for some one in my network who used to work on this matter and asked him some questions that hindered me. Then I figured out the problem and the solution, and I can have the brighter way for the next time.
I worked the additional time needed to catch up on work that needed my attention and asked for help on work that could be re-assigned.
I had to attempt an online test and unconsciously I started the test with out preparing for it. Initially I fell behind the time but after some questions I managed to catch up with time and managed to get full grades.
I fell behind my work when I returned from leave and realized my colleagues could not completely handle my schedule. I had to work extra hours in order to catch up.
Had to attend a training and my back up had to leave. As soon as I was back at my desk, took stock of the situation, gave a heads up to stakeholder about possible delays, delegated and prioritized few tasks.
I feel behind because I took time off due to illness. When I came back to work I work over time to catch up on my work.
I have never fallen behind in my work.
It happened when suddenly it felt like there was so much to do with school work and other commitments but I am the kind of person who can work well under pressure. With such pressure I organised the things I needed to do and ticked off slowly.
I have been in a situation where I have had so many approaching deadlines. I had to prioritise my time in order to ensure I am able to get all tasks completed by the deadline or no later than a day after the deadline.
When I was given a project on investments, work load was way more than expected and I completed it by devoting more time to it.
That is undergoing project, my team cant finish the work, so I ask my professor for extension, and then, my team and I meet together, and try to find out what we missing, and we send people to do these missing part, who is the best choose to do this. Others will do the paper work. When the field guys back, we can compare our work and finish it.
I was sick for a few days, and it got busy at work. I worked extra hours when I went back, and worked extra hard.
Last semester, I fell behind in my french class. Mostly because I was embarrassed at how poorly I pronounced french words. But I sought out tutoring and put in extra effort and was able to pass the class.
I felt sick for three days and I was able to recover by working overtime.
I lagged behind too much in my work when I dragged assignments out too long; I caught up by spending an entire day dedicated to working and studying hard.
I never had such an experience.
In class 10th when I have got only 5.8 cgpa and my friends did well I felt behind my work and then I realized the importance of carrier.
To certain extend, I would.
I fell behind because of training and a working on a project. I pit a schedule in place and stuck to the time frame I slotted myself to ensure I could tackle the behind work as well stay on pace. Stayed late a few days.
When my grandfather died back in 2015. I've explained the situation to my lecturer and I went the extra mile towards completion of the task in the extended time I was given.