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How would you rate your leadership skills?
User Submitted Interview Answers
Probably at the junior level however I am good a recognizing the strengths of co-workers and believe I could assign tasks that would compliment their strengths.
I rate my leadership skills a 9 out of 10. I know there is more to learn but I realize I am a strong leader .
I think I am at the junior level with leadership skills. I can manage a small group of 3 people to work on a project. I can figure out the plan and assign the task for each individual and collect the final outcome.
Strong quite type.
My leadership skills are strong. I like to lead people in a positive direction. Without strong, dedicated leaders a company would be making mistakes and failing all the time.
I would rate my leadership skills in the intermediate range. I have experience leading a variety of size of teams. The reason why I do not put my skills higher is that I believe that a leader is someone that is always learning. With every new individual that you take under you wing, there will be a different style of leadership that needs to be used. With constant develop of oneself, calling yourself advanced might be an overstatement, although you might possess advanced characteristics that you need to be an advanced leader.
I feel like ive had ample leadership experiences to take up this role, however, I want to try out this new role to learn other skills as a leader such as relaying messages, getting everyone to keep to the deadline for me to meet my own.
Good communication with the co-workers. To leasen the employers corncense. And solving the problem.
Quite good. Like to take initiative and responsibility, guide people.
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