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How would you rate your leadership skills?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Treasurer interview

You are a strong leader with a desire to make a positive impact on others. You have are an influencer in many aspects of your life, but how do you talk about? Working as a treasurer requires you to maintain relationships with creditors, bankers and other financial staff members. In order to influence decisions and earn trust, you will need to set an example. Are you consistent? Do you show up on time? How do you build those important relationships? Give an example of a recent time you successfully led a team or took initiative to solve a problem.

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How would you rate your leadership skills?
My leadership skills are strong. I like to lead people in a positive direction. Without strong, dedicated leaders a company would be making mistakes and failing all the time.
Good communication with the co-workers. To leasen the employers corncense. And solving the problem.
I think I am at the junior level with leadership skills. I can manage a small group of 3 people to work on a project. I can figure out the plan and assign the task for each individual and collect the final outcome.
Probably at the junior level however I am good a recognizing the strengths of co-workers and believe I could assign tasks that would compliment their strengths.
Outstanding and inspirational. I believe in getting the team to under why a certain activity must be taken.
I would rate my leadership skills in the intermediate range. I have experience leading a variety of size of teams. The reason why I do not put my skills higher is that I believe that a leader is someone that is always learning. With every new individual that you take under you wing, there will be a different style of leadership that needs to be used. With constant develop of oneself, calling yourself advanced might be an overstatement, although you might possess advanced characteristics that you need to be an advanced leader.
Quite good. Like to take initiative and responsibility, guide people.
I would rate myself 9/10 since I have had experience of being the house captain in my school and college days.
I feel like ive had ample leadership experiences to take up this role, however, I want to try out this new role to learn other skills as a leader such as relaying messages, getting everyone to keep to the deadline for me to meet my own.
I am good with people. I see myself as someone who is self- motivated with the ability to motivate others also and have been able to successfully lead teams in the past. So I would rate myself highly for leadership skills as I feel I have the qualities of a good leader.
My leadership is blended with the team work efforts and guidance to staff to support the talented staff and help the others to achieve the company objective with satisfactions and love to the place of work.
Pretty good, I am a member of several undergoing project, I work with lots of people, from different countries. I can help my team to do the task more effective.
Good, but I am hoping to improve on them.
Good, but I feel as I can work on them.
I am a good leader in the way that I always try to put myself in the other person's shoes and see their duties from their position before I recommend or change the way that person needs to do their job. I often understand why someone performs their job the way they do better then how they understand why they do it. I am a good people reader.
I find myself to be a good leader. I think it is very important to listen to what your peers have to say before suggesting a course of action.
Never being a leader, but there is always room for starting from 1 to 10 . 0
By nature I am a leader and will step up to the plate as needed.
I'm an outreach leader for the company The Learning Curve.
I step up when it is necessary to ensure the job gets done. I'd rate myself a 6 out of 10.
I have never been a treasurer at the college, but I have abundance of experience for running a treasury section not department because I have been able to run the same here since the day I jointed these organisation, and I am proud to say, under my stewardship, we have never incurred drive this organisation to any liquidity stress while still optimising return on excess liquidity which was available for landing. I have been able to categories customers according to their perceived volatility. I have been able to develop operational framework, for liquidity risk, interest rate risk as well as operational manuals for forex, SIRESS and RTGS systems. I have lead successful projects when RTGS, SIRESS and Vantage Systems were being introducted in here.
I rate my leadership skills a 9 out of 10. I know there is more to learn but I realize I am a strong leader .
Beyond my academic pursuits, I had a part time job at Morley's Store Ltd, where I was able to demonstrate my problem solving skills. In October 2014 I was recognised with an award as the top sales employee. I developed a sense of responsibility in the team, was trained to cope under pressure and developed organisational skills in order to finish tasks efficiently. I am very proud of all of my achievements, and want to progress further.
That's tough every leader likes to think they are the best, but we all have short falls.
I feel I have excellent leadership skills and achieved those skills during my time as a supervisor.
Very good. I've been group leader for several projects and assignments during my years of study and they were all executed very well.
I would rate my leadership skills as 80%.
Very good. I'm great at listening and then taking what I've heard and formulating an answer. Explaining how and why you came to the answer is very helpful to keep all involved. Then open the communication for comments that may change the outcome.
I would rate leadership skills very well I can perform guide the people in the right direction in achieving the company objective and goal I will ensure that regular communication with team and other and ensure that we achieve them.

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