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How do you ensure that confidential information is secure and private?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Treasurer interview

As you know, you'll be handling confidential information all the time! It's your job. Give an example that proves you are reliable and trustworthy. Your knowledge of how to manage and navigate the software system, contracts and financial documents will instill confidence in your future employer. They want to hear about concrete ways you have handled this type of information so that they know they can trust you with theirs.

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How do you ensure that confidential information is secure and private?
I used to managed the companys bank account and documents.
That was when my boss told me about the plan of the headquarter to do the business in the local or not.
I am trusted with confidential information all the time. I have been granted access to payroll records and employee private information.
One of my previous roles as a banking intern was a HR intern. Whilst at this department I had to keep information such as payroll etc confidential. In my current role as a finance intern there is information such as staff loans etc that are to kept confidential.
It happened several times.
My current position requires confidentiality on a regular basis and I do not discuss school business outside of the office or with any co-worker who is not privy to that information or involved in the conversations regarding that info.
While employed by SeaWorld parks and entertainment in San Diego, I was part of the installation team of a new attraction. Our job was to prepare equipment for the install of the new madagascar show. This information was not yet public knowledge, and we were all required to sign non-disclosure agreements while working on the install.
When I was a asst manager in banking I was entrusted with customer acct information and their financial practices and status.
Entrusted with the financial statements of my church.
When the all the business's transactions was handed over for me to control.
My friends have told me numerous secrets that they trusted me not to spread. So far, I have not broken any promise when it comes to keeping things under lock and key.
I had to keep it confidentail, just ss it is.
Never got an opportunity as such.
I used to be a librarian and help the teacher to handle all those paperwork which involved secret information.
Always have trusted information in my hands as a banker.
All my years in banking I have been trusted with personal account information which is strictly confidential.
I am a part from all our big deals for land plot buying.

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