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Give an example of a time when you made a mistake. How did you handle it?
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Thinking quickly how can I rectify the mistakes side effects as first priority by consulting others especially the person who advice me earlier and I missed his recommendations in addition It will be a good lesson to me to listen carefully next time for anyone.
Not preparing in advance.
When I had an interview with the Head of a team that I dream of becoming a member, I did not focus on his words. I asked him to repeat and as a result I failed that interview.
I never did make a mistake, my instructions are normally plain and straightforward.
When I was a student at the University. I prepared a presentation on the wrong topic because I've missed the topic assigned to me.
I never had such an experience.
I was once playing a golf tournament in Phoenix at a course I had never played before. After finishing one of the holes, it was unclear where the next hole was. I asked a man who worked there, but he was very hard to understand and I was in a rush. I basically heard him say follow me I'm heading that way, as he took off in his cart. So I went the way he did, but it turns out I didn't go far enough and I almost teed off on the wrong hole. Luckly I saw the sign that said hole#13 out of the corner of my eye before taking a swing.
I didn't hear my teammate properly once, so I missed a meeting where they distributed roles. However, when I realized what I'd missed, I contacted my teammate immediately to get a recap of what happened.
Once in a group project we all had a vote on a idea and everyone voted against this idea that somene had but turned out it was right.
Its a best thing to correct the mistake immetately.
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