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Give an example of a time when you made a mistake. How did you handle it?
No one wants to admit weakness in an interview. And you know what? You don't have to! You can explain a situation where you did something wrong or incorrectly. Try to stay detached from it by explaining in a calm manner, "I accidentally pushed "send" on an email before proofing it." Now, what did you do once you realized you did something wrong? "I knew there were typos and I may have phrased something in a way that could be confusing. I called my manager and explained to make sure they didn't take the message the wrong way." Show you took initiative in handling it. If the consequences were greater than frustrating your boss or having to apologize, show you handled it by being humble and calm. Next talk about what you learned from it and the actions you will take to make sure it never happens again.
Answer examples
"I accidentally pushed "

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User-Submitted Answers

Give an example of a time when you made a mistake. How did you handle it?
Its a best thing to correct the mistake immetately.
When I had an interview with the Head of a team that I dream of becoming a member, I did not focus on his words. I asked him to repeat and as a result I failed that interview.
Thinking quickly how can I rectify the mistakes side effects as first priority by consulting others especially the person who advice me earlier and I missed his recommendations in addition It will be a good lesson to me to listen carefully next time for anyone.
I was once playing a golf tournament in Phoenix at a course I had never played before. After finishing one of the holes, it was unclear where the next hole was. I asked a man who worked there, but he was very hard to understand and I was in a rush. I basically heard him say follow me I'm heading that way, as he took off in his cart. So I went the way he did, but it turns out I didn't go far enough and I almost teed off on the wrong hole. Luckly I saw the sign that said hole#13 out of the corner of my eye before taking a swing.
I have over 30 years of office and customer service experience, work well with the public and am eager to learn.
I didn't hear my teammate properly once, so I missed a meeting where they distributed roles. However, when I realized what I'd missed, I contacted my teammate immediately to get a recap of what happened.
Once in a group project we all had a vote on a idea and everyone voted against this idea that somene had but turned out it was right.
I never did make a mistake, my instructions are normally plain and straightforward.
I never had such an experience.
Not preparing in advance.
When I was a student at the University. I prepared a presentation on the wrong topic because I've missed the topic assigned to me.