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Do you work well under pressure?
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Yes as I had mentioned before I used to be a debator and I have been through the struggle between debate practice which required for long hours and limited time for me to do revision.
I have always worked under pressure in meeting up the deadline. As accountant I always have a dead line to achieve from time to time and to do so I preparemy timetable and allocate my task accordingly.
I work best under pressure.
I am the best for this job.
I do. I am still able to think through the situation and seek help if needed.
I have gathered a lot of experience in working under pressure because of small structure here at FNB Lesotho, and over the years, I have learned to be very much organised in the way I approach my work, I normally rank my work in according to their priorities. Develop action plans, I normally focus on opportunities rather than problems. I have also learned to delegate to my juniors some of the work that could challenge them.
Yes, I work even better when I am under preassure.
Yes I worked emergency services for 9 years I do not fold under pressure.
Yes. What works best for me during stressful situations is start with the smaller details and take it step by step.
I work very well under pressure. When I'm pressured, creative ideas, better strategies and effective procedures, would easily come out from my system which enable me to accomplish my task efficiently.
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