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Why did you choose to pursue a career as a Travel Agent?

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Obviously the main reasons you are attending this interview is your penchant for travel and exploring different countries and cultures coupled with the fact that you are good with customer liaison and you like the thought of arranging their best holiday or trip ever! Before the interview do some homework and find out all the other cool things that being in the tourism industry can offer, i.e travel consultant, sales and marketing, tour guide, events organizer? Thanks to the progress in technology, the travel industry is fast becoming one of the most competitive industries in the world so services are constantly being developed to keep up with tourist’s needs in order to stay ahead of the competition and if you can prove that you have innovative ideas and are happy with change this will impress the interviewer as you are looking ahead to the future.

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"Answer example, "I have always been an adventurous person who loves to travel. That, mixed with my innate love for sales and networking, make me great at a career I love. It is a win-win!"

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Why did you choose to pursue a career as a Travel Agent?
Travel is a passion of mine, and for me to talk about some of the destinations and experiences I have had and inspire them to do so, this is not work for me.
I want to help people find their dream vacations.
Thoroughly enjoyed the travel college course I completed, passionate about the travel industry, enjoy communicating with people and making people happy which would be through booking them a great holiday.
Travelling has always been my favorite hobby.
It has been my passion from a young age, and now is my time to pursue that passion and expand my knowledge and skills, and your company is the best place to do that.
Because I personally love travel, and I enjoy helping people, making them happy, and seeing satisfaction on their faces. Being able to share the world with them makes me happy.
I choose that because as a travel agent we know the whole country .
I like to motivate the people who travel world wide like to choose them best discenation.
To learn more about the world, and to be able to share my knowlege with my customers.
Being a travel agent gives me the opportunity to explore the world. Not just literally. When booking reservations for the client, I am able to explore their destinations and advise them on their interests.
Because I am a Tourism graduate and this means It is needed to have a background on Travel agencies and as a tourism graduate this would be a great opportunity to grab.
I decided to persue my career as a travel agent, due to having a passion for travelling and sightseeing myself, I wanted to be able to help customers achieve their dream holidays to enable them to travel as much as they want.
I have a passion for travel, and once you get into this business it does not let you go.
I believe its a great start to my career. I have over 5 years of customer service skills, and I believe im a strong team player to be in this industry to support and motivate each other.
My love of travel and the opportunity to travel for work.
Passion to travel and. Meet new people.
I am passionate about travel and helping people plan their dream trip.
I want to go to work every day doing something that I love to do myself not just to collect a pay check. As I love to travel myself and have had so many great travel experiences in the past I believe I would make an excellent agent. I also think my previous roles in customer service and sales have given me some excellent skills that will transfer over to the role very well.
I wanted to become a Travel agent for the longest of time because I absolutely love to travel and explore what the world has to offer, I fall in love with other countries culture and history especially the food.
To help people travel and find the best places to explore based on who they are.
It is challenging and exciting. Travel is travel but it is never the same with every person, so that diversity and reasons for travel makes it ever dynamic. Besides, I enjoy handling people travel problems.
That is where my career and personal feelings.
In order to get more knowledge regarding my country as a whole as well as to learn more about my neighboring countries.
It's exciting to help clients put together their dream holiday and making sure everything runs smoothly.
I would like to provide a surprising and delightful experience for others.
Travel Is my passion, and really enjoy finding destinations to my costumers. Having his feedback trying my best with each one.
My own love for travel and sharing my experiences and realizing that this industry isnt dead. Online scams and e deals aren't the best for people and knowing the difference and being able to help someone travel with ease is rewarding.
Dad was a pilot and had interest in travel from tyere.
I love to travel and would like to give my positive experiences to others.
I have always had a passion for travel and planning travel, and I want to approach a more sustainable planet from a different angle than usual.
I am passionate about travelling.
Because I am really passionate about travel and I enjoy being the travel agent for my friends and family already since many years.
For a change, I find it challenging because I love to talk to different kinds of people and I have the ability to handle concerns/queries of customers with appropriate action.
Because I wanted to not live.
The world is controlled by social media, more than ever people are taking photos and sharing their experiences online. With a love for travel and customer service I want to help people share memories, a photo can say so many words and that photo is the holiday I booked for that client.
Because I hate travelling.
Being an airline personal in ticketing/auditing/evaluation/refunds/processing of tickets value.
Because I got good Customer service and I been to a few places and I good with people.
I love to travel. It is a pleasure to discover amazing things.
Because I think I have good Communication skills as well as I can interact with the guest in their own way and make them comfortable.
Love travelling. Am very passionate about it. From local places to worldwide long haul destinations. Love learning about local cuisine, history and culture.
I want to provide customers with their dream holiday without any hassle for them once they embark on their trip.
I grew up traveling the world and the bug bit me.
To interact with the new guest at every time.
Passionate about travel. Love learning about the world and all that is has to offer. Interacting and meeting new people daily.
Because being a travel agent is a very good career where you can promote many beautiful destinations and share your knowledge to the customers abiut these beautiful destinations.
I was trying other places and I tell myself to try being an agent.
Because I want to know more about travel.
Yes, all my career I have worked with people. I enjoy helping and meeting new people.
To be able to help people who are like minded and desire to travel.
As I told you traveling is my passion. Also my grand father was a travel agent so I wished always be a travel agenct.
Because I love travelling to many places and explore its beauty.
Because I walked past the shop.
Its brighte future making in travel agency.
To help people create a vacation package so they are able to have a fabulous vacation and spend quality time with their families.
I love to travel and explore more.
I was very attracted to airline's uniform and job that why I learnt very fast.
I think it's a very nice job - creating holidays for clients, ( I like meeting people and helping people fulfill their dreams)
I enjoy helping and meeting new people as well as continuously learning new things in the industry.
Becouse I file sutesfaction from this job.
I have traveled to many places and I really enjoy talking about places I have been to it make me really happy to see people wanting to try different types of places.
My background is hospitality, and I believe it goes hand in hand with the tourism industry, also helping people find that destination, where it be there first or 10th destination, just having the thrill of there excited faces, ad they go off on another journey, to gain more experience about this beautiful world.
I have always had a passion for travel and this is why I chose to study this field.
Traveling is my passion. I desire to learn as much as possible about the world and other cultures. A travel agent position seems like the perfect opportunity to pursue my passion while helping others have the best possible experience in their travels as well.
Because looking at and going on holiday is my life and I love to help people find the right holiday.
It;s because I love the whole concept of Travel and fell in love with it once I started taking the course.
As I want a career in travel and tourism and being a travel agent seems like the right job that suits me.
Because I love travel and talking about travel.
Travel Agent has a broad knowledge in travel including Hotels, Airline, Cruise, and Car rental. Its the great place to learn how to make many type of reservation.
For my passion to travel. I love helping others experience there travel dreams almost as I love experiencing mine.
Using your knowledge and creativity to help suitable customer find a suitable package holiday or plan independent travel.
To get a feel of how the industry works.
When I was 17 one of my mentors was a flight attendant for Eastern Airlines and had traveled the world. I needed a skill and wanted a travel degree. Becker Jr. College fit the bill.
Cause, for me it is a great opportunity to help people get new expireance and positive emotion.
I have a passion for travelling and would love to help others make decisions on their trips using personal experiences.
I love to travel the world and food and learning different cultures.
That is a key piece in really connecting to the customer.
Because I think I got some thing in me that is related to the travelling agency and I was lacking a lot in the field of places and now I have overcomed and decided to make my career as a travel agent.
Travel has always been my passion.
I have a passion for travel. I want to share that passion and my knowledge about various locations to others who want to travel as well.
I needed a new career in customer service plus hospitality that is my passion.
Because it is an exciting career.
I like to help people especially in planning their travel destination.
I want to help people create ever lasting memories through travel.
Because this as a travel agent, it looks like you can help them to go to the other place. Because you book theier flights going to this place. And if they dont have tickets they cannot go to thier places they want.
I find this job rewarding and exiting.
Beacuse its fun job, always meeting new people.
I wanted to see the world.
I've always been very interested in travel. As a child I always went abroad alot and it made me interested in the travel industry. Once I started studying it I loved it even more.
I enjoy being part of planning a special trip for different clients as each trip is not always for the same reason. I like to contribute to it.
Most suitable course for travel agent is IATA course, and I would like to travel and also to provide best of my service to the organisation, travel industry is also a glam world, we can improve our knowledge at each and evry movment.
Most suitable course for travel agent is IATA course, and I would like to travel and also to provide best of my service to the organisation, travel industry is also a glam world, we can improve our knowledge at each and evry movment.
Because I would like to more about other countries and I like travelling.
I want to inspire people to travel te world.
It is intriguing and is fascinating.
I love planning vacations for my family and helping my friends plan theirs. Everything about travel is exciting to me and I would love to help others make amazing memories.
I chose. To become a travel agent due to my personal travel experience as well as having a love for geography and a drive to learn about other cultures.
Out of my own personal travel interests and love of geography.
Travel Agent has a broad knowledge in travel including Hotels, Airline, Cruise, and Car rental. Its the great place to learn how to make many type of reservation.
I love to travel the world and food and learning different cultures.
Passionate about travel, interested in passing on my knowledge to clients.
Because I think the world is a beautiful place and I would love to explore it aand I think others should too.
I want to explore the world and I think this is a way to good future.
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