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What do you like most about being a Travel Agent?

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Ahh, that's better, a nice positive question to answer for a change! All the things you enjoy working in a travel agency can be mentioned as well as those that give you personal pleasure and satisfaction i.e. watching the smiles on the family's faces when their travel plans went better than they ever expected, the e-mail note of appreciation for the extra stops you pulled out to change a hotel that didn't have a sea view but a sight of the garbage cans! The meeting of all the generally nice customers who have saved up their hard earned money for a trip of a lifetime etc. etc. Anything that will show the interviewer you would enjoy the job and the maximum benefit you would gain from it all if you were given the chance.

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"Answer example, "The freedom to control my own compensation with work that is a pleasure. Who doesn't love vacation!? It is rewarding to create those experiences for my clients!"

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First written on: 11/14/2014
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What do you like most about being a Travel Agent?
Controlling people travel arrangements and making them happy when they need the most.
I have a big experience and I visited many countries. I like to give my experience and make a vacation of my clients the best. I like to see happy people after vacation.
Zeal and enthusiasm to meet people from different culture.
It has the benefits to travel domestic and internationally.
Most of the times when you make travel arrangements for your clients you do get the taste of that.
I do like most to serve costumers and assist them with their needs and guide them to get their stuff easily.
Traveling, selling, people.
Getting to travel to new and exciting destinations.
The challenges and the adventure of leaning about diffrent cultures and countries.
Having the opportunity to share with people my knowledge and insight on what I love to do and seeing the outcome of each persons experience and how it has changed them.
Being able to learn about the world and ensure people get the best holidays for the best price.
Working with different kinds of people and be a big help for them.
Researching the world and destinations that people are interested to travel to and create special memories and that all starts with booking right flights etc for the customer.
Coming to know different people from different cultures.
Assisting guest with there travel needs.
Having to make a customer happy by just giving them advise and tips about certain places or even all the places in the world, what I love again is the chance and opportunity to see and explore the worl from my seat and computer. I know that at the end of the day I make someone happy by giving them an opportunity to travel locally or aboard, and to top it all of I also get to se the places these wonderful customers wish to visit.
I've like most about being a Travel Agent is that I can be also travel around the world and can have known some other culture and people around the world.
Sharing joy, wonder, and travel.
Connecting with people and getting to know the world.
Booking peoples trips that they are looking forward too, the travelling as well.
Helping people have the best holiday of their lives.
I like to be able to plan someones dream holiday and watch when it comes true.
I enjoy working as a part of a dedicated team and providing excellent customer service is my priority. I also enjoy being able to travel and discover new destinations that can better my the knowledge which in turn helps me better service my clients.
Getting to meet new clients everytime while at the same time knowing your old customers and know they have so much trust to put their travel life in my hands.
I like lowest price buying and as travel agent I am full time involve in this.
I think the most rewarding thing would be knowing that I got to be a part of the planning process. I know travel is a passion of my own and getting to share that little piece with my clients would be incredibly rewarding.
The thing I like most about being a travel agent is that I get to work closely with customers to help ensure they are getting to go to a great holiday destination.
It is when you learn a lot from Tourism Industry. That's why I know that Travel Agency is a good start for a fresh Tourism graduate like me.
Take people to the place that makes them happy, I like seeing people happy.
Is that I can make travel easier and more efficient for my traveller.
Its really an intresting field we learn more and more with every passing day.
Being a people parson I like communicating to people.
Being able to help my clients to get to their destinations and to accomplish and delivered excellent service.
To assist people to the best of my ability in something I strongly desire.
Being able to meet lots of new people and I love traveling all over the world ive always wanted to be a travel agent its everything I enjoy and is passionate about in one job.
Meeting new people going different destinations solving.
The days are very busy... Exciting..., you meet different people, you are given the opportunitu to make people happy... To sell dreams.
I would most enjoy building a rapport with clients offereing advice on holiday destinations and different board basis, excurstion trips ect.As well as working in fast pasted enviroment where things change quickly.
The ability to help people with their travel plans in the most efficient and inexpensive way to make their trip pleasant.
Learning about destinations and different styles of travel.
Helping plan the perfect getaway for someone or making a lifelong dream come through.
Learning about interesting destinations and finding the best deal possible for the client.
Correctly rate and best way for customer.
What I would like most is about being a travel agent is that I can talk to people who are also passionate about traveling.
I like the service and the way that the advisers are so welcoming as well as how helpful they are.
Helping people getting their perfect vacation or travel.
I am a very international person. I love to learn and experience all region of the world, And introduce to people.
The travel the learning and the planning.... Research and people benefiting from the work that I do is very rewarding.
To deliver excellent and outstanding service to my clients.
I love when I have sorted out for everyone.
I am really passionate about travelling and I really want to travel more than doing anything.
Exceeding customers expectations with their travel requirements.
You get to know about a lot of places in the world as you serve different clients who go to different destinations.
I like a travel agent job profile.
Give new incenitives to other tourists.
I love the contact with the customer and the organisation part as well. I love as well that you constantly learn about new destinations. I am really curious.
I like the fact that I can share my travel experience and inspire people to travel & I can guide them with their destination, transport arrangements and accommodation as per clients needs.
Neet and clean job & also I always meet the expectation of the customers.
Most definitely the opportunity to travel at discounted rates.
They get opportunities to travel a lot which I really like the most as well they get chance to talk to lot of people in and around India.
I have not been one yet, but I would love to be able to help people fulfill their desires to see new places.
Learning. Helping people.
Everything - Helping people.
Being a travel agent is promoting many places to visit and building good relationship with customers and building relationship to them means gaining another friend and being a travel agent is providing services and providing services and talking with people is what I love the most.
The most thing is I love to travel and well make a difference.
Being updated about multiple locations.
Guest sharing their experiences with me.
I would like to be able to help people be able to have the best trip available to them.
Getting new challenges daily and meeting them.
The thing I like most about being a travel agent is interacting with people, and always dealing with a different situation or request, not boring.
Learning new things about destinations ive never been to and being able to share my own experiences.
Being able to travel and coming home to share my experiences with my clients. Its nothing like having been to a destination and giving my first hand experience.
Helping people don't the perfect holidays, being the first to know about holiday offers.
Making bookings using a computer system.
Enjoying helping people get to their destination and get there well. Timely, most direct. Successful flight, no glitches, adventure side.
Everyday is different and even though you are in one spot, your mind is traveling.
You get to organize a holiday and for the customer making them satisfied.
To book, plann and talk about holidays all day long.
Pleasing people and seeing different parts of the world.
Able to travel different places, learn different cultures.
The ability to share my travel experiences, and exchange them with others, perhaps learn about a place I would like to make my next destination. Second, the easy access to travel to these places, not just for personal holidays, but as professional development.
I enjoy being able to interact with people and making new friends. Knowing many people in the industry is a good thing because everyone has a different experience to tell you about. It's exciting.
Interacting with people, you get to travel so that you can know what you are selling,
Gaining access and knowledge to places around the world.
Being a helping hand and making people happy.
I love working in the travel industry as travelling is a great passion of mine and I find it very pleasing to find customers there perfect holiday. I love the fact you get repeated customers and you can build up a good relationship with regular customers.
I would like to be a travel agen as I enjoy talking to others and wish to give people the best experience on holiday as possible.
Getting to meet new people on a day to day basis, helping customers achieve the best out come for them, watching people wal out with a smile.
Being able to travel and experience new cultures and hearing my clients stories.
The thing I like most about being a travel agent is hearing the praise my clients give me upon returning from their trip.
Being able to study about different countries including their cultural aspects and languages.
What I like about being a travel agent is being able to travel to places.
We have the opportunity to discover new places and it gives you the chance to meet people.
Getting to make other people happy.
Book the best holiday destination for my client and when they come back I would like to hear from them they really enjoyed it and would like to book their next.
Working and be able to help people to arrange their holiday something that they are excited about.
New cultures and seeing the customer satisfied.
Hearing satisfied customers stories about their holiday.
The fact that I get to talk about and sell something I truly love and believe will make people happy.
Having fun all through the day.
Meeting people and seeing them enjoy their travels.
I like the feeling you get when you know that you have done a good job and found a fantastic deal for a client. When they seem truly happy and excited about a trip you have planned for them.
Selling holidays and meeting people.
To get get more knowledge in travel.
To discover more exciting destinations.
Knowledge of world geography.
The opportunity to be in different places daily.
Discovering at the same time places and dealing with people from across the world.
I have a big experience and I visited many countries. I like to give my experience and make a vocation of my clients the best. I like to see happy people after vacation.
Its very rewarding knowing you get to send people on there dream vacations.
Speaking to other people and helping them find a holiday which fits them best.
Well I like making people happy, I also love finding the perfect holiday for customers and I enjoy working towards targets. And also the discounted flights and holidays is a bonus for me.
I am extremely passionate about traveling and seeing the world. The idea of being involved in getting other people to travel and creating a trip tailored to their tastes and passions is very appealing to me. I also think I would get the most out of working with coworkers who are so well travelled and have so many experiences to share.
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