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Training and Development Manager Interview Questions

30 Training and Development Manager Questions and Answers

Question 1 of 30
Tell me about an area of your life that you have been working to improve over the past month.
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"I just went to a leadership conference to help me cultivate some of my skills and learn how to be a more effective leader on my team. I prioritize attending meetings like this at least once a month. Surrounding myself with other leaders who also want to challenge themselves motivates me and helps me grow as a person."

When an interviewer asks about self-improvement, it shows they seek to hire someone who takes initiative and wants to grow. Think about a goal you are actively working towards and explain what you are doing to help you reach that goal. If it is something ongoing, like being a good leader or maintaining your health, explain how your actions will help you in the short and long term. Since you are interviewing for a management position, you can talk about improving your ability to lead, train or coach others. Focus less on any weakness you want to improve, and more so on the steps or actions, you are taking to improve.
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