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Teacher Interview

25 Teacher Questions and Answers by Rachelle Enns
| Rachelle is a job search expert, career coach, and headhunter
who helps everyone from students to fortune executives find success in their career.

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What interests you about our school?

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Teacher Interview Questions

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    What interests you about our school?

      The interviewer would like to know the depth of your knowledge regarding their school and the demographic. The way you answer this question will help them to determine if you will be a good fit when it comes to their workplace culture. Do some research beforehand about the learning environment. For what is the school known? Is it rigorous and academically-oriented, or perhaps its known for its sports teams? Know what strengths the school offers in the district. Then, let the interviewer know precisely how well you believe you will fit in.

      Rachelle's Answer

      "I've always been interested in e-learning and alternative learning methods for students because I think this is where the future of education is. From my research, this school is very technologically advanced and uses smart boards and offers plenty online classes that students would not otherwise have the opportunity to take, such as AP French Language and Culture. I see that your school also provides students with laptops and promotes a paperless environment, which is a big part of my lifestyle as well."

      Rachelle's Answer

      "My interest in your school stems from the fact that I have lived in this community most of my life, and even spent a couple of my educational years attending here. Now that I have completed my degree in Education, I would be thrilled to carve a career for myself in the same community, and district, where it all began!"

      Rachelle's Answer

      "I have a few former colleagues who have made their way over to your school. Over the years I have heard wonderful things about your AP options as well as the supportive parent community. I would greatly compliment this positive reputation your school has created, by way of my strong reputation and tenure as a middle-school educator."