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25 Interview Questions & Answers

What are some techniques you use to teach besides direct instruction?

Example #1
"I like to use a broad range of techniques including learning through group discussions, hands-on arts-based projects, and self-assessment. I believe that by switching up the techniques in the classroom, I am keeping my students on their toes while also helping them to think more critically about their performance."
Example #2
"I look forward to incorporating a variety of techniques in my teaching when I enter the classroom. What I would like to do is incorporate multi-media, field trips, guest speakers, and group discussions as often as possible. By mixing it up, I will ensure that my students remain engaged and challenged."
Example #3
"Over the years I have developed a great mix of direct instruction, student-led research, group-based discussion, and multi-media offerings for each class that I teach. It's a must, in my opinion, to offer a few methods for learning so that my students remain attentive and engaged."
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