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How would your students describe your teaching?
This question focuses more on your relationship with the students than on your teaching. The interviewer wants to know how you interact with your students and how you talk about them. Also, this focuses on what are your teaching methods and how well they are received by your students. You can think of two to three points which are especially liked by the students, something you do that has been very effective or helpful for students. Make sure to be honest in your answer as there is a very good chance that your answer might be double-checked with your references.
Answer examples
"I think my students would comment on how my classes are fun and interactive. I never let anyone sleep or get away with not being engaged and I have a list of games up my sleeve to pull out whenever class is getting dry. I also want to make sure my students are up and moving in my class. Sometimes we'll spend the afternoon enacting a Shakespearean sonnet or making posters for our Renaissance festival."

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User-Submitted Answers

How would your students describe your teaching?
Occasionally getting off the subject.
I like to provide a lot of great opportunities to give students to work together. Students get many great opportunities to work together. Students can come up the board and own their work by writing their initial next to their response.
In one word: Fun. I take a lesson, and make it fun by being animated, and by allowing for creativity.
What is your knowledge of and experience with standards-based education.
Describe the teaching techniques or strategies that are most effective for you.
What opportunities have you had to bring multicultural education into your classroom?