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Teacher Interview

25 Teacher Questions and Answers by Rachelle Enns
| Rachelle is a job search expert, career coach, and headhunter
who helps everyone from students to fortune executives find success in their career.

Question 1 of 25

How would you improve public education, if you had the power to do so?

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Teacher Interview Questions

  1. 1.

    How would you improve public education, if you had the power to do so?

      The interviewer wants to know about your understanding of the public education system and the district in which you would be teaching. Refresh your memory with some research and stay up to date on the most current education changes and developments in your area. Has your region's public education offering been changing this year or in the past few years? What have been the trends, and what is the model?

      Although your answer is region specific, some general anticipated improvements could include:

      - Making courses available to remote areas through e-learning.
      - Offering cross-cultural interactions, and partnerships.
      - Focusing more or less on the importance of test scores.
      - Integrating more skills-based classes as a part of the national curriculum.
      - Offering larger budgets for public schools.

      Rachelle's Answer

      "In our district, I know that there are major struggles with budget cuts. If I had the power to change this, I would. I fully believe that public schools should be given more in the way of supplies, and opportunities for the students who attend."

      Rachelle's Answer

      "If I had the power to change anything within the public school system I would suggest a lesser focus on traditional testing and begin to incorporate methods for students who are less inclined to do well on a written test. New testing methods could include verbal testing or options that are more hands-on and technology-based."

      Rachelle's Answer

      "I firmly believe that the students in this district need further community-based opportunities and exposure. I would introduce a community outreach and volunteer program to the school district if given the opportunity. When we give back, everyone wins."