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10 Tax Revenue Officer Interview Questions

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Describe a difficult project and how you overcame it?
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I was assigned a project where I was to create direct withholding letters for a list of non resident aliens performing at a festival. The project was difficult and time consuming. However I over one this challenge by strategically breaking up the list and working a set at a timely manner and efficiently.
Dealing with drunk people.
It was brought to my attention that I had received a document and the document was needed. I create a logging system for all incoming and outgoing document and the document in question was not logged in the incoming document log and the date in question the document was misplaced I was sick and not at work. I made check to find out who was assigned duties at my desk for the day and the individual acknowledge receiving the document but had misfiled it on another file. The document was recovered from the incorrect file and hand to my superior. The individual was then given a proper run through of my desk in the event that I would not be at work because of illness.
I had the task of organizing a field exercise, it was difficult because the organization hadn't completed one in over 5 years and everyone assigned to the organization had participated in one I had to have several meeting and recon to get all required equipment and personnel ready and available.
I was assigned a process while at Lowes of going to other stores as part of a resent/ pack down team within other stores in our district. The project was difficult at first because it was working with new people and interaction with unfamiliar faces. I overcame this by introducing myself to the other team members and offering to help them on any other projects as needed. By being outgoing and professional I quickly gained a reputation for being professional and for being a great team player.
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