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On an especially tough day, what motivates you to succeed as a superintendent?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Superintendent interview

Even when some days may be overwhelming you must have the ability to pull yourself through it, all while maintaining a winning attitude. Discuss the ways you stay motivated to succeed. Sharing this information with the interviewer will also help them know how to encourage you on tough days, should you be hired for the job.

Answer example
"Continual improvement is what really motivates me. I strive to make incremental improvements every chance I get. Small successes add up and lead to big successes, and that's keeps me going. Seeing the big picture helps as well. When the teachers benefit from the improvements, so do the students and the parents, which has positive impacts on society as a whole."
Basic answer example
"I am motivated to succeed through the success and excitement of my students. Even on the toughest day, if one of my teachers tells me a student success story, it completely turns my day around. These instances encourage me to keep doing my best every day."

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On an especially tough day, what motivates you to succeed as a superintendent?
Seeing a situation become successful through the hard work of everybody involved.
Board goals are the goals set by the board of education for the governing body. District goals are set for all of the stakeholders in the school district.
Possibility of positive outcomes.
I am motivated to succeed by making a difference in the lives of children.
I have a passion for our community and our district. I am a parent in the district and quality schools are important to me on a more personal level. Giving kids the best chance we can to be successful in life is what motivates me.
Empowering and building capacity in others motivates me to succeed. The passion to see other successful drives my work ethic.
What motivates me is knowing that my work makes a difference in the lives of students, families and the community. If I succeed, other succeed.
I have a desire to see students succeed, whether it be when they are putting on a cap and gown, to walk across the stage to receive their diploma or are simply leaving the elementary building for the day, their success is my motivation every day.
Seeing students and other people reach their goals and develop into successful contributors to society.
Knowing that individual successes are essential to the success of any corporation or entity and that combined successes result in.
I am motivated by work that is interesting and meaningful. I find that working in districts, making a difference for students is very meaningful.
Satisfaction of a mission accomplished within timelines and correctly.
A desire to ensure the highest quality programs for students.
I am driven to see results. Spending my entire career as an educator and a community-involved leader, I want to see the best for our youth. I wake up every day to make a difference in their lives.
What motivates me to succeed is the data that I get back from the success of my students. I work for the students, and if they are being successful, then the adaptations/modifications I have in place are working and are a great foundation for any environment.
Supporting others to do their best. I enjoy developing skills in others.
I am motivated to succeed by my desire to do well and win I want to win; thus I want children to win and successs. Success.
Each student I see has a unique and individual purpose in this life. Students each have their own hopes, dreams and ambitions, and it will be my work to facilitate those being nurtured and eventually realized.

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