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What are your career goals as a school superintendent, and how will this role help you to achieve those goals?
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I want to be the superintendent in Gridley.
This district needs someone to lead them into the future. I am excited to be a part of that. I hope to be an integral cog in the machine that makes this district great.
To continue in education within my community, preparing our youth to become productive and responsible members of that community.
To bookmark my career by becoming Lowell Joint's Superintendent for the next decade.
Well as you know, I have a dual masters in early childhood education and special education. Ultimately, I want to continue to help students reach their fullest potential while remaining an advocate for them in the community. Promoting awareness through running is what I do outside of work, and promoting acceptance throughout the school environment is one of the many things I want to do here. Ideally, all students should be able to achieve their dream with varying levels of support, and should by the time they leave the school system realize the tools they have to maintain and grow that success in the real world.
I am interested in becoming a superintendent because I have a passion for education and the skills and strengths to lead a district to meet its goals and objectives.
My immediate career goal is to become superintendent of this district. After that, I plan to work on my doctorate degree with a research project, thesis, that will focus on solving a problem our District faces.
My career goals include being a successful superintendent and move a low performing, high poverty school district to high performing, to include an increased graduation rate and an overall improved learning experience for each student served in our school district.
To ensure that all of my students are learning. To ensure that our community is engaged in the growth of our students and to ensure that every student has opportunities to individualized learning.
To be successfull in the field which I have choosen.
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