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What are the standards you use for judging whether or not your board of education is doing its job?
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When boards have good working relationships between members, the board is fiscally solvent, the district is moving forward with its initiatives, I would judge that they are doing a good job.
Satisfaction in the community as well as throughout the district among the staff, including the people involved in maintenance, transportation, cafeteria, and support staff. This district does an outstanding job in this, which isn't always the case.
Weather or not previous goals were met, and how satisfactorally.
The Board should be conducting their own self-evaluation based on goals mutually agreed upon by all Board members. I think an effective Board is one that sets the policies and provides overall guidance based upon stakeholder input.
The standards I use to determine whether or not a Board of Education is doing its job include communication, presence at board meetings, and presence at school and community events.
The school board establishes and provides policy whereas the superintendent of schools oversees the daily operations of a school district. My state has a set of standards established by the state school board agency.
Motivation of student initiatives. Decisions made must be in best interests of students, teachers, and involve parents. Are they making decisions that impact our district based on accurate and purposeful data? We also must take responsibility for our part in a boards' members, by voting, and operating within the confines of our system.
Finance, morale of the district and the overall operation of the school board.
The board of education needs to be working through the administrators and following their lead for all recommendations. They should not be micromanaging daily activities.
The basic areas for which determining whether a board of education is doing its job are: 1. Fiscal responsibility: is the board ensuring that the district is on solid financial footing?; 2. Is the board ensuring that the superintendent is leading the board forward and meeting state and federal laws, and 3. Is the district moving forward and is student achievement improving?
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