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Would you buy stock in the market right now?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Stock Broker interview

Be honest and forthright when answering this question. The hiring manager would like to further understand why you would, or would not, risk purchasing stock in the current market. You can complete your answer by asking the interviewer how they feel as well.

Basic answer example
"Personally, I would be very cautious about buying stock in the market right now. With the recent election and the unsettled feelings surrounding it, I feel it would be wiser to sit back and wait a moment to see if any new trends begin to emerge. How do you feel about buying stock right now?"

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Would you buy stock in the market right now?
I don't have to much of experience in trading segment but give me training I well improve my self.
A little bit of investment can be made in defensive stocks.
In this current volatile market, I would not buy stocks as it is highly risky.
Not right now, as the market looks set to crash in the upcoming months, when it does so; that would be the correct time to invest.
Yes, I would. There is always opportunities, you just need to be flexible enough to modify your strategy. Right now, you need to be cautious though as markets are moving very fast.
Not really because of all the agitation related to political elections.

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