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What is your proudest career accomplishment to date?
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The position is looking for someone that is self-motivated. At WorkTech, most of my job required independent action. I spent over a year working diligently every day until the release of ProgramX. You are also looking for someone with proficiency in both DataNet and Organizware. When I was at Worktech, I was skilled with ResearchSoft, which is a program similar to Datanet, and I have experience with Spreadware, which is a client management program based off the same coding as Organizeware.
During my internship I was given many different tasks and I handled them very well and was very calm even in stressful situations.
My first experience after university was with Bruker Developments. It was a very challenging experience as I was also working on establishing myself in a new country, a new culture and a new language. This was a huge learning curve for me, but I have never been afraid to ask for advice and that really helped me. This time really helped me to recognize what I do well and where I need to work on. I am good and building long lasting relationships and I used this to gain some time and set some procedures and plan ahead the challenges.
Whilst working as a sous-chef I personally thoroughly enjoyed the experience, though high paced and stressful and through a lot of shouting I learned how to manage through these sort of environments. The fact that I was prepping food for high-end clients meant that it tought me to work at the best of my ability. Through working as an electrician, I also found it a similar but different experience, both being high pressured jobs they taught me how to cope in high pressure environments.
My past experience did a lot to introduce me into the business world. I worked as a process officer, which required using a software to track inventory, it wasn't a very challenging role for the level of knowledge I had acquired, I found myself repeating the same things every day with no new challenges.
I try to offer a better experience to my clients, both internal and external. I want to genuinely make their lives better. I operate on a day to day basis as if the CEO were standing behind me. I follow the rules set within the employee handbooks, and act accordingly. I make it a point, no matter how small of a request, no matter the difficulty, regardless of the attitude of my client, to go above and beyond their expectations. I treat everyone the same and that has always provided me with success.
Actually, this moment has not yet come. Still, I hope that one day, I will be able to create an efficient business development culture as an African entrepreneur.
It was and is a desire to do better and than the best.
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