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What do you know about our firm?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Stock Broker interview

How to Answer

Prior to interviewing, it is imperative that you conduct enough research on the interviewing organization that you can talk about their internal structure, any awards or recognition they have received, and how you feel you will fit with their company culture. Research multiple sources (website, google, as well.

What do you know about our firm?
Answer example

"I was familiar with your firm prior to my interview but have conducted more in-depth research since being invited for an interview. I understand your structure quite well and really appreciate the time and funds your organization puts back into the community through your variety of charities. Your employees seem to have great things to say, and I was happy to see that you ranked as one of the top rated employers in the financial sector. All very impressive!"

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What do you know about our firm?
One of the tops very competitive and successful.
You specialize in handling stocks for your clients.
It is the leading stock broking organisation in botswana. It was established in 1989 and conducted an informal share market until BSE was formed.
It survived the 2008 great depression.
Success moves is a sales and accounting HR consultancy firm who offers great value for its clients.
I know that your firm was founded in March 2010 by your current CEO Peter Shakeshaft, I know that you deal in fine wine investments and aiding clients in improving their wine portfolio.
Your firm currently stands at a worth of £?? and analysts predict that this could quadruple within the next 2 years.
LAidlaw & Co is a full service brokerage and IB firm.
Apsec, brought out the Australian stock report, you offer corporate finance, managed funds and trading services and the APSEC fund returned 47%
It's a securities firm which specializes in stock broking, lending to individuals and organizations.
One of the largest firms in the world. Has a proven track record, dating back to 1904. One of the big four banks in America.
It has recently been taken over by xyz and has assets under management of xyz.
HDFCsecurities Ltd is the leading stock broker in India it deals with all the products in the securities market.
It is one of the most esteemed firms in stock broking known for its client-broker relations and employee satisfaction.
The firm is one of the top firm working in our country is a a part of the one of the leading brand.
Yes. This is high reputation broking firm. I know this firm deals in Every sectors of Financial investment.
That you are the first and only foreign exchange company in the Philippines.
Not as much as I want to know - willing to learn.
I know that you are established in Canada and work with internaional branch in the US and Asia. You provide solutions in the banking field but also in insurance.
Nothing as such but willing to know more than I know.
The firm sells unique FX services to their clients.
I know your firm offers various services and products in order to allow our clients to pick out witch services are best for them with help from our bank.
That you sell fine wine, and you are protected by WIA. You sell to private sellers, and also have a interest of 10-15%
This particular firm is one of the best trading firm and has an ability to match the market with best investors dealing with the outstanding clients and the yielding status spectrum is standardise.

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