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What do you enjoy about sales?
Being a stock broker, you should be excited about sales! Talk to the hiring manager about the aspects you love most when it comes to sales. Sales people love the competition so be sure to discuss the wins and how that affects you.
Answer examples
"The thrill of the hunt is what I enjoy most about sales! I love to source a new potential clients and win them over. It's exhilarating. Also, being on the leaderboard in my firm is really fulfilling to me."

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User-Submitted Answers

What do you enjoy about sales?
The risk taking ability as well as the learning skill.
Selling things is an accomplishment to me, I feel that by doing this I am not only bettering myself by potentially making money I feel like I am bettering the clients interests by pursuing what they want too.
Its a fundamental part of every business. I enjoy interacting with people and I see every sale as a new partnership that I can learn from.