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Our industry has a very high turn over rate. Why do you feel you will be one to make it long-term in this industry?
Why do you think that you will be one of the few to last long-term? Talk to the hiring manager about what sets you apart from those who do not make it.
Answer examples
"I feel this industry has a very high turn over rate because it is stressful and a lot of hard work for little income at first. I know that I can make it long term because I do possess more tenacity than the average person. I really want this and will do what it takes to succeed."

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User-Submitted Answers

Our industry has a very high turn over rate. Why do you feel you will be one to make it long-term in this industry?
My aim is to apply my skills which I believe are unique in a sense of the attributes I hold as an individual that I can contribute to a company.
Because I have put so much into studying the industry and it has become something of a passion.
Because the industry appeals to me more than flipping burgers for a living. I thrive in high pressure environments and feel like I can better my skill set throughout the experience.
The bigger the dream, the more challenging it is. But also, the more satisfaction and reward you get.
I will definitely fight for it. I believe also in karma, your destiny is already set, you just have to have the right combination to unlock the box of success.