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How do you manage working in a constantly stressful environment?
User Submitted Interview Answers
I usually take pressure as a motivation factor. I have ability of delivering when I'm under pressure and keep focus when things get stressful.
I work very well in stressful situations I stay always calmed.
As I said in my previous answer I am very good with handling pressure from my high school and college athletic experremce.
I am able to deliver in most kind of environments. Some are more challenging than others, but with hard work and determination, you can overcome any situation. I usually handle pressure pretty well trying tot are it as encouragement, but sometimes what I need is some time to analyze and process the circumstances in order to come back with a refreshed mentality.
I use it to my advantage, the adrenaline from the pressure aids me in taking quick, intelligent decisions based upon my knowledge of what I am doing.
I quitly and any probal solve a discus a senier person.
I try to set my own targets and reach them, and learn from my mistakes and aim to be better. I try not to let anything else get to me but these.
Never give up. Take deep breaths and prioritize my workload. If I need to stay a little longer to finish a task I will. NEVER show stress, keep calm and do my best. If you keep up with you job duties and constantly reevaluate your workload, you should not have a problem when things get hectic.
I also give appropriate time and focus according to the environment I am at specific time of the day. The stress is sometimes good to produce effort. When I am back home, I often chill out. Sport helps me a lot too to translate the stress into good energy.
To be patient, to understand the requirements to be fulfilled under my superiors.
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