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How do you conduct research on companies and markets?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Stock Broker interview

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Do you spend a lot of time conducting research on industry changes and market trends? Talk to the hiring manager about the tools that you utilized most frequently in order to ensure you are on top of the stock market game.

How do you conduct research on companies and markets?

"In order to stay on top of my market research, I take an hour every morning before the work day begins. I scour my Google Alerts for any new keyword updates. I also follow a variety of RSS feeds and newsletters including BDC Market Research, MarketSmith and MarketWatch. In addition to this, I also subscribe to all newsletters from the top Economists from a variety of financial institutions."

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How do you conduct research on companies and markets?
I do research using fundamental analysis on companies who have been the pioneers in the country, and I use technical analysis on companies who are at the beginning stage of their business operations and I am also using it when choosing among speculative stocks.
Through internet secondary data newspapers magazines.
Companies and markets process are displayed and updated on and in the media so as for me I research them base on their cycles and their status.
Online, reading news paper, specialized channels.
Reading the financial times and staying abreast of current affairs and watching the news as well as reading company statements.
I utilize a top down approach. By focusing on the macro events and overall industry, I can find what companies present as the most profitable and become potential investments.
By searching on net using all resources I find around and asking peoles.
By looking at the financial statements and price sheets from stokbrokers.
Online research and communicate with analysts.
Through internet, newspapers.
I believe In know your people and their needs so my research is based on human needs and focuses on social industrial economy. What this means is that I sell my self before the product to gain peoples trust.
Visiting their online profiles - social media, webpages etc.
By analyzing their annual statements and stock reports.
Checking out their social media presence, utilising on-line searches and visiting their websites and facebook pages.
By finding their details and calling them up.
By reed the finance statement and use the fundamental analyses.
I research through libraries and Internet.
I research company and markets mostly through Internet and libraries.
I research company and markets mostly through Internet and libraries.
I do research by reading from sources like financial times, bloomberg and a few other sites. I try to read as much as I can and also talk to people involved in the industry who could help me to formulate my own thoughts and analysis.
The way I do it is based on the financial spread sheets of the companies and the day to day news coming everiday that are attached to money investores.
By checking indices. Reading the FT and other reliable media sources. Conducting research on the companies: Calling them, asking competitors etc.
I tend to read a lot, whether that be the history of markets and companies foundations through books or usually online if I am researching more recent events and interests within the company and their marketing.
I will Research about market on internet.
To understand about the companies the best thing is to go to their sites and knowing the relevant information and even by searching on the google is the best way to know about the company, and about the markets, it depends on the reason behind it.
I often rely on information on stock and other reliable websites such as journals, SP500, Forbes...

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