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Have you worked in sales before?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Stock Broker interview

How to Answer

Bring your resume to life for the hiring manager, including your sales experience and results. Be sure to discuss how you feel that these experiences will help you in this role, should you be the successful candidate.

Have you worked in sales before?

"I have worked in sales for most of my career. I began in high school, selling magazine subscriptions door to door in residential neighborhoods. After graduating from high school, I worked part time as a bank teller while attending university. This role required strong up-selling skills. Since completing university, I have worked my way up in the banking world, always within a sales focused role."

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Have you worked in sales before?
Yes I have worked a part time job selling products. Also I sold catalogs at the Great Yorkshire Show.
I did an internship at the merril lynch firm and learned many things about sales.
Yes I have worked, as a retail individual dealed with retail customers.
No, however I worked in positions that required constant interaction with customers.
Yes! Sales consultant and a sales manager.
No, however I have done a fitness Business and sales course.
I have assisted my dad in selling and pricing the cars that he owned and wanted to sell, I had to negotiate a reasonable price without, going below his minimum price. That was a great experience that I enjoyed and I managed to sell it for a little more, than the asking price.
My career goals is to make south africa to be proud of me in athlects, running.
Yes I have worked and managed sales environment before.
Yes, I have worked in sales and managed a team also.
Yes, I have worked in sales and managed a team also.
Yes I have worked in sales berfore. I had an industrial interface of 2months during my internship.
I am good at building long lasting relationship with clients. When working at Bruker Developments, I was in charge of a portfolio of projects from meeting with potential clients, selling our company services, executing the projects and closure.
No, But is something with time I'm sure I will be able to be good at. I belive in myself on this matter.
Yes I have been working as sales officer in hdfc ltd.
Yes, As I was an intern in the Birla life insurance firm so I used to sell the insurance products to the customers by telling them the new add ups in the product.
I had the opportunity to work as a sales consultant during my years in college.

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