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Give me an example of a time you successfully handled a high pressure situation.
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Yes, when there is pressure my cerreblum provides me a full concentrated power with a tension that if I don't execute my duty I don't find myself stable and I usually do things under pressure since my highschool.
Yes I work very well underpressure because I previously was an athlet in high school and college and I have had many different experiences with pressure.
Yes. I thrive under pressure.
Yes, I ve been under a lot of pressure to meet targets in my previous jobs, and I did quite well.
Yes. When I am trained, and understand my rolls within the company.
At Mck, I always ensured that any service failures were recovered promptly. One day I remember that an important file needed to be delivered for a director's presentation at 5pm. Yet at 2pm the file was still in the office, and I bravely decided to travel all across the city myself to provide this document. My personal effort has been praised.
I could take on working under pressure extremely well, as I have done so in the past at my own business and during my time at some of my work placements.
Yes, because it became a challenge for me and my hobby is to take challenge..
I enjoy working under pressure because it helps me to her the best out of me. In fact, I think nobody puts more pressure on me than myself. Like everyone, we may have our stressful moments, but I am good at delivering when working under pressure.
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