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Discuss any experience you have had abroad.

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How to Answer

Talk to the hiring manager about any experiences you have outside of your home country. What did you learn? Would you consider going again?

Discuss any experience you have had abroad.
Answer example

"After I graduated University, I travelled to Australia for 3 months. I spent time working as a bartender and mostly focused on soaking up the new experiences. I really enjoy travel and would be open to working abroad or travelling for training purposes."

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Discuss any experience you have had abroad.
Having worked in Mexico, Canada and now the UK, I definitely provide a broad mindset. My first job after school was when I moved to Canada where I faced challenges like, language, immigration, experience, and more. Even though it was not easy, I wouldn't changed that tough time. After almost 3 years, I took on a next journey and move to the UK. Different challenges but still exciting. I came here with the goal of getting into the financial sector and there is no better place in the world for that than London.
I worked in a prestige chalet in Morzine, france. I have experience in preparing food as a sous-chef and Bartending skills. Any B2C marketing design with said company was done from Surrey, england.
I have had studying experience and work experience abraod. I was interesting being around a new culture and observing the different ways they do things, both in the school and business environment.
I expatriated in 4 countries so I have truly equipped myself with environment change and re-adapting to local culture. I am a bit like a cameleo.

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