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Discuss any experience you have had abroad.
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Having worked in Mexico, Canada and now the UK, I definitely provide a broad mindset. My first job after school was when I moved to Canada where I faced challenges like, language, immigration, experience, and more. Even though it was not easy, I wouldn't changed that tough time. After almost 3 years, I took on a next journey and move to the UK. Different challenges but still exciting. I came here with the goal of getting into the financial sector and there is no better place in the world for that than London.
I worked in a prestige chalet in Morzine, france. I have experience in preparing food as a sous-chef and Bartending skills. Any B2C marketing design with said company was done from Surrey, england.
I have had studying experience and work experience abraod. I was interesting being around a new culture and observing the different ways they do things, both in the school and business environment.
I expatriated in 4 countries so I have truly equipped myself with environment change and re-adapting to local culture. I am a bit like a cameleo.
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