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As I mentioned earlier, I have an active car rental business running, which I started up when I was in my last year of secondary school. I have experience in controlling staff, organising how the business is running, keeping everything up to date.
I consider myself a business savvy. Since I was in university, I have always being involved in finding business opportunities. During my last year, I was able to raise some savings and invest them into a housing project. I built a house and sold at profit, then reinvested the revenues into a second project. That was my first business experience on my own.
I did my internship at Merril lynch.
I consider myself a business savvy. I enjoy business in general and has always been the case. My first own proper business was in university when I went to Alaska to raise some savings and put them to work. I developed a small piece of land and built a house, selling at profit. Then, I reinvested the revenues into a second project increasing my profits.
I have had past experience in bartending, sous-cheffing in a prestige chalet in the french alps. I have a good half years experience of being an electricians mate in the labour field, I feel this is what has helped me to learn how to work in a high stress, high pressured environment.
I have worked as a procurement officer for a small business. I have also worked as a process officer for a very large firm.
Proven sales, dedication, and job history.
I have dealt directly with customers in the stock broking firm and instrumental for running branch profitably.
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