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Bring your resume to life for me.

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Stock Broker interview

How to Answer

The simplest way to do this is to start at the beginning of your career. If you are a more seasoned candidate, generally the past 10 years will suffice. Briefly talk about your roles, why you left, and what you learned.

Bring your resume to life for me.

"My career began in 2006 after graduating from the University of Florida with my Bachelor's Degree in Commerce. I worked for XYZ company as a junior broker. I stayed in that role for 4 years until I was offered a promotion with a competing firm. That is when I joined ABC Company..."

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Bring your resume to life for me.
I have dealt directly with customers in the stock broking firm and instrumental for running branch profitably.
Proven sales, dedication, and job history.
As I mentioned earlier, I have an active car rental business running, which I started up when I was in my last year of secondary school. I have experience in controlling staff, organising how the business is running, keeping everything up to date.
I did my internship at Merril lynch.
I have worked as a procurement officer for a small business. I have also worked as a process officer for a very large firm.
I have had past experience in bartending, sous-cheffing in a prestige chalet in the french alps. I have a good half years experience of being an electricians mate in the labour field, I feel this is what has helped me to learn how to work in a high stress, high pressured environment.
I consider myself a business savvy. Since I was in university, I have always being involved in finding business opportunities. During my last year, I was able to raise some savings and invest them into a housing project. I built a house and sold at profit, then reinvested the revenues into a second project. That was my first business experience on my own.
I consider myself a business savvy. I enjoy business in general and has always been the case. My first own proper business was in university when I went to Alaska to raise some savings and put them to work. I developed a small piece of land and built a house, selling at profit. Then, I reinvested the revenues into a second project increasing my profits.

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