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Are you comfortable generating leads? Tell me about your experience doing so.
Ensuring that your personal sales pipeline is filled with qualified leads is a very important, and often difficult, part of sales. Talk to the interviewer about your ability to generate leads and your level of comfortability doing so.
Answer examples
"I am very comfortable generating leads. It's a huge part of my success in sales and I fully understand the importance of it. I create my own call lists from referrals, web inquiries and social media hits. From there, I add the leads into my pipeline. I am very tenacious when it comes to cold calling and following up on referrals."

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User-Submitted Answers

Are you comfortable generating leads? Tell me about your experience doing so.
Yes, I have gone into the streets quite a number of time to talk to random people when it seemed the existing customers were a bit slow in responding.
I have no prior experience in generating leads but if I have anything to go by, it's that whilst working as a bartender in a chalet, I have managed to talk customers into buying the more expensive and perhaps more tasteful drinks.
I am great at gaining the clients trust and if your client is satisfied, the leads will come. Your costumer service is where you generate the most leads.
I am a leader, I also love to tell people what to do by delegation but also I like to assume responsibilities.