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Why do you feel statistics are important?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Statistician interview

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As a Statistician, the most important thing about one's job is to understand data, and interpret findings. Talk to the interviewer about the ways you feel statistics are important.

Why do you feel statistics are important?
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"I feel that statistics are incredibly important because they show the truth from data and help us to predict the most likely scenarios. Without statistics, we wouldn't have weather forecasts, medical studies, genetic predictions, or even the stock market. Statistics allow us to prepare and improve."

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Why do you feel statistics are important?
Statistics are important because it allows the public to be aware of the issues that are going on around them. If there werent people such as statisticians working to analyze and interpret large sets of data, there would be no collection of running statistics pertaining to a certain cause. It allows people to easily view and obtain informtaion on important topics.
It gives us insight based on solid data, which we cannot get from other methods.
They are very important because they are used in most of humans fields.
Statistics is important because it help in policy and decision making.
They are imprtant because they are resposible with concerting data into information and let the right users be aware of the happenings. They also inform strategical planners.
First, by exploratory analysis, you can get a basic understanding of the data, the characteristics of the sample you are analyzing. Second, by model fitting or hypothesis testing, you may find hidden pattern or associations.
Because it help us to decide. In all situation we need to decide with respect to information that we have, and it is statistics that help us to convert data to information.
Using statistics we solve any difficulties such as related to market, business forcasting, quality control and so on.
Statistics is imp bcoz it is used in every field and it helps one to attain its objective in their respective field.
Statistics are important because they are the data collected in order for the policies makes and all relevant stakeholders interested in obtaining the statistics in order for them to make informative decision that will influence the reaction of the statistics at hand.
Provides meaningful insights of a study.

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