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What was the largest data set that you processed? How did you process it?
You will likely have your most prominent studies listed on your resume. Focus on those studies that you are most proud of in your career. Talk to the interviewer a bit about them, what you achieved, and what you were able to learn. Briefly walk the interviewer through each study.

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User-Submitted Answers

What was the largest data set that you processed? How did you process it?
My PhD project was based on a cohort, which contained more than 6k participants.
A dataset with more than 2000 patients and more than 50 variables. I formatted and labeled it with SAS.
The biggest data set I processed is 6000*874, which need to be classified.
The CDC dataset on the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey of 10,000 subjects.
10000000 million observations. Processed it using SAS
I have processed Census data in a research project, I processed it by performing several analysis on the data. Such as, the well know mean, mode and median of different variables. I havve also performed the frequencies of diferent variables. From there, I had to perform variaty of testings to see if the data is following a normal distribution curve. If not, I had to remove all the outliers in order to make the data normal. Using quality control meansures.
Repeated measures data using mixed models.
Nhanes data and seer madicare data and United health data.