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What excites you the most about this position?
Tell the interviewer the aspects of the job that excites you the most (based upon the job description) and why. Link your answer with some of your qualifications to demonstrate you are suited for this role.
Answer examples
"Being the main point of contact for all matters related to shows and projects is very exciting because I love being responsible for the management and success of projects of all kinds. I also know that my educational and professional qualifications have prepared me for this role and will help me be a highly successful Stage Manager."

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User-Submitted Answers

What excites you the most about this position?
Well I love interacting with people..
Working with the wide variety of different people from the actors and production team to members of the public. Also seeing the show from the very first rehearsal / meeting through to the final performance is an exciting feeling.
I like seeing a show come from it;s bare bones to this magic piece of work. As well as working with many creative people to hearing the audience enjoyed the show and knowing that all our hard work paid off.
Being able to be so close to technicians and actors. You get to see and be apart of the show as it comes together from both ends. I love watching progress and knowing that I'm apart of making something happen.
Knowing that all my efforts will make the production a success.
Working with people and taking pride in what you do.
Being able to get everybody invoveld in one project one goal to putthe best show on for as many people as possible. To think everyone is watching this show and has know idea I am running it.
Getting to combine my love for the theatre with my love for leadership and creating something meaningful that runs with efficiency and organization.
It helps me to meet new person and to interact with new persons.
The sense of accomplishment once a show is finished and the audience are enjoying it. You also get to see how everything grows, from the actors the designs to the costumes.