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Staff Accountant Interview Questions and Answers
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What is your greatest weakness? What are you doing to improve it?
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Too critical on my self, which has lead me to cut deadlines close so I have managed my time better to account for extra time for me to recieve criticism and make sure that my work is according to company procedures and requirements. Some examples I use is to create lists of the different assignments.
Start working on the new project as soon as I get the instructions. But now I realized that it is better to sped the required time to find out exactly what is required by the management and focus on those aspect of the job.
Trust to every one . Some times will check my self.
Why have you chosen a career in Accounting.
Waiting on other people to do their part so I can finish my job. Keeping myself busy with other things.
My biggest weakness is nervousness. I am improving not to be nervous during rush hours and something that is new to me. I am trying to calm and think at the same time for solution to the problem.
Asked questions out of the blue that will caught me off guard. Having presence of mind in everything I do.
I tend to be hard on myself and focus on things I have done wrong rather than seing.
Allowing constant interruptions without completing assignments. I am finishing projects before starting another one. I am getting back to coworkers instead of stopping what I am doing and not getting back to it.
Having patience. Understanding that everyone won't work at the same pace.
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