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Tell me about a suggestion or successful contribution you have made in your past job or in college?
Employers are looking for team members who will be actively involved in the department. How have you been actively involved? Have you initiated a positive change within the department or on a college project? Have you thought of a process improvement that was implemented? Or, have you completed a major project for the team? Go ahead and share how you have contributed while being actively engaged either in the workplace or in college.

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User-Submitted Answers

Tell me about a suggestion or successful contribution you have made in your past job or in college?
I suggested I subuggested incorporated the system of printing laser checks utilizing a new accounting system with check writing features and being able to post to the general and could key the charges to the perspective g/l and / or job number.
I suggested we put a soda machine in the office.
I have helped modify systems in the serving positions that I have had when other options were not working to be able to follow codes to a tee.
While going to school full time and doing a job part time at Wateen made me well aware of whatI was learning at school and led me to pitch in fresh ideas from the class room at our board meetings.
Moved the utility bills to prepaid arrangement because we were missing the due dates and paying over due charges on them.
Several times when I cross check employee payment vs time sheet vs project I noticed error in the payment instead of holy wages for e. G $14.23 it was paid $142.3 per hr which I pointed out and this has been corrected by payroll in one or two cases the concerned employee was inactive and our legal department took action to collect from employee.
Making the files organize and easy to find.