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Why should we hire you?
This is a great opportunity to tie in your skills and comment on the connection you feel with the program/school/facility. You can finish up by asking the interviewer if they have any concerns or objections.
Answer examples
"When I initially saw your job posting I began to research this facility. What I found was a group of people with a genuine passion for what they do. I know I would be a great compliment to your team because my interests are strongly aligned with your mission. I also bring the education, experience and background that you are looking for. Is there any reason why you feel that I would not be a fit?"

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User-Submitted Answers

Why should we hire you?
Yoy should hire me because I know how to work independently, knows how to prioritize and delegate important task.My skills will help you specially sharing and transferring my knowledge to your institution.
Because I'm Awesome. The question should why should not.
I am a self starter and I work hard to meet the needs of my students. I am not afraid to ask questions. I ask for help, input, or suggestions from others.
Beccause I like the atmosphere I love kids beig around with me I love theor smile.
I will be an asset to the profession. I am capable of helping individual students achieve their goal.
Because of my excellent leadership skills and versatility. I am confident in my ability to represent the school/district in a professional and dignified manner. I pride myself in my ability to collaborate with others for the success of the students. My experience educating students with such a broad range of disabilities, across different environments makes me confident that I will be a great edition to your team.
I am a team player. I am efficient and organized. I am calm under pressure. I never lose sight of the vision or goal.
I am the best candidate you have. I am knowledeable, dedicated to the field, and I am totally invested into the community, the school and the students.
Because I am pasionate about helping people.
Your job description is suited for for my qualifications and my experience as an inclusive educator, I work hard as team playe.
Because I love children.
1. I am very intuitive and observant. 2. Based on my observation, I can make changes and be flexible.
I have worked in Learning support for 13 years as an aide before going back to school to get my teaching degree. I come with years of educational experience that means I will be able to step right in with little training.
I am best candidate because of my communication skills and ability to get students to buy into ed by walking them through side by side.
I work extremely hard and I am very organized. I like to be prepared for every lesson and differentiate my lessons that I am able to accommodate all students educational needs.
I am excellent at asking students questions about their work and tailoring instruction with student tools, reteaching, collaborating with other staff, or whatever it takes to see progress.
I am ambitious and a self starter. I have 4 years experience in the Special Education classroom and two additional years working one on one with students with significant behavior problems. I am team oriented, collaborate well and I am willing to learn, as well as to teach my colleagues.
I am passionate, patient creative, and dedicated in helping all students be successful.
Because I will try my best to make sure the students education goals and needs are met.
I am a very loyal employee. I am hard working and self reliant. I am passionate about the work I do and motivated to build strong relationships with my students, families, coworkers, administration and community.
I am ambitious and a self starter. I have 14 years experience working with individuals with a variety of disabilities. I am team oriented, collaborate well and I am willing to learn, as well as teach others.
Because I am energetic, love kids, want to make a difference in the lives of those students that I have contact with.
I have tons of experience working with children of all ages. I worked in a Childcare Center, Preschool Aide that had special needs, was a Cadet Teacher, worked in a Summer camp with special needs, babysat children with special needs and am a AmeriCorps Member for an after school program that has a couple of kids with special needs. I know how to create lesson plans and make age appropriate activities for all ages.
I am the perfect person for this job. I have experience as a self contained classroom teacher, a substitute teacher and a teaching assistant. In addition I am a mother and I think that all of these roles have combined to make me a compassionate teacher, an understanding parent communicator and an innovative educator.
Observation, assessment, and screening in early childhood.
You should hire me because I feel that I am a great fit to your philosophy on education for the students within your district. I am an active member within my current community and feel that I could be an active member of your community as well.
I feel that you should hire me because I am a great fit for your school. My educational philosophy corresponds with the philosophy of the school.
Lots of experience. Have been successful in raising state wide scores.
You should hire me because I have a lot of experience with children from all different kinds of backgrounds. I love teaching and I will work tirelessly to teach these children.
Because of my experience and caring skills able to reach students.
I have worked so hard to earn my degrees that I will do anything to keep my job and that means a lot of hard work. I will treat your students with great care, listen to them, give them respect, and work my hardest to help them succeed.
I want to be a part of molding children to be well educated and well adjusted adults. I feel that every person as they are growing up have certain people that can affect them either negatively or positively that help mold them into what they become as adults. I want to be a positive aspect to children's lives and possibly make a difference in a child's life that will either keep them or send them to the right path.
I am detailed and organized. Being patient with students who are struggling academically.
I think that with my background with working with autistic students as well as my patience and caring attitude shows that I am a good candidate for this position.
You should hire me because I want to be apart of a community that put their student's needs before mine. I want to grow from watching others and learning from experienced people.
Because I possess the most crucial experience, skills, & abilities required for the position. I excel at teaching students with learning disabilities, collaborating with colleagues, and parents. I have dedicated my life to assisting children to learn in whatever capacity available.
You should hire me for my passion and for my desire to provide a safe, fun and effective learning environment for my students.