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Who is your greatest role model?
Take time to prepare yourself for this question. Who is your mentor? What type of role models have you had in your life? Your reply should include why or how this role model helped you direct your career to Special Education.
Answer examples
"My greatest role model has been my father. He is a therapist and, growing up, I would see how much pride he took in his work and the joy it brought him to know that he was making a difference in people's emotional lives. This always inspired me to follow a career where kindness was a valued attribute."

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User-Submitted Answers

Who is your greatest role model?
I have had several great role models in education over the last few years... Some teachers and some administrators and I have learned many things from all of them. But, my greatest role models typically come from the students I work with. They teach me the greatest patience, courage, and resilience that I could ever hope to have.
My 6th grade teacher. She taught me a lot about being more than a teacher but also a role model. She allowed me to create a lesson and teach it in front of my peers and I was very excited to complete all teaching aspects of a lesson in 6th grade.
Ms. Sage modeled investment in providing quality instruction through persistence and finding resources through research.
The first principal I worked for as a teacher. She was patient, but firm.We knew what she expected and rose to meet her expectations. She supported us 100% and when we needed correction she was firm and forgiving at the same time. She was an authentic leader, a master teacher.
My greatest role model was my teacher who taught me to be patient, organized and versitile.
My cousin darren. He was diagnosed with autism in a young age. Darren has overcome a lot of struggle with communication and language in school. In late highschool he was nominated for homecoming court and took the star lead in his school production. He received a tremendous amount or support and interventions and continued to believe in himself to become the amazing young man he is today.
My father is my greatest role model. He is an amazing Dad, friend, and teacher. He recently retired from his career of education at the university level and was able to have a very successful career as a Doctor in Theology while also emphasizing the importance of spending time with family and friends along with pursuing his interests both inside of and outside of his career.
My greatest role model is Eunice Kennedy Shriver. She stood up for her sister, Rosemary, who had an intellectual disability during a time in our history that individuals such as Rosemary were institutionalized. She started a movement that recognized the strengths and the offerings that individuals with disabilities had.
My greatest role model is my mom because she gives out great tips and helped me know that special education was the career for me. I helped out in her preschool class and got to see the children with special needs thrive in their development.
My daugher, she has overcome so many obstacles and keeps plugging away,
My greatest role model is my Kindergarten teacher. He love and passion for teaching is what made me want to be a Kindergarten teacher. I still speak to her to this day and I have wanted to grow up and be just liker her since I was in her Kindergarten class.
It's sounds cliche, but my husband is one of my biggest role models. He's been through heart surgery, losing his first wife to cancer, being a single father, and he's a police officer. He's postive, loving, hard-working and he encourages me to be better, keep going, and enjoy life.